The life between magic & boys Pt. 22

**READ** Welcome to part 22 guise! (: Part 21 came out a few days ago but for some reason it didn't show up on the new quiz list, so If you haven't taken it yet, you should go do that :p **There's a certain character that appears in here, but he's not going to be a result, well maybe in the future but we'll see, just give me some feedback. Also, lately things have been Jake vs. Patch - I just want to know who's side your on. Is it Team Jake or Team Patch?

Descriptions of the Guys: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-cap: You and Patch went back after the fight between you and Rachel, who you beat up. Patch went to go get you drinks but Jake attacked him instead..
  2. You sit there playing with your hands waiting for Patch to come back. It felt as if forever passed by, but then again your super impatient. Your heard the crowd gasp, and a few others scream. You stood up and ran over to where everyone was crowding. You slipped through the people and into the front of the crowd. You saw Jake on top of Patch, who's mouth was bleeding. They were fighting, AGAIN. "Don't you ever tough her again!" Jake yelled. He punched Patch across the face. Patch punched Jake back and rolled over. "Patch!" You yelled and ran over to them, but someone stopped you. They were strong arms, and by the size of them you assumed it was a guy. Ether that or a girl on steroids. You struggled to let yourself free but failed. You were dragged out from the room and the last thing you saw was Patch throwing a punch at Jake.
  3. You were about to scream for help but the person was quicker and covered your mouth with it's hand. All you saw was that you were being dragged out of the hallway and soon enough you reach the library. The person shoved you into the dark room and closed the door behind him. You took a few steps backwards, until you bumped into a table. A light flickered on. You gasped. "What are YOU doing here?" You asked Cory, the guy who tried to hit on you that one day at the water park. "Saving you from having to watch that fight." He said with no emotion. "Saved me?" You scoffed, "I could have stopped it!" You yelled. "No. Not this time, Jake doesn't want anything more but to hit Patch." Cory murmured. He flipped his blonde hair. "Why? He has no reason to." You stammer back. "Why? The kid is nuts for you." He says back like you should know. "He has a girlfriend." You say with a cold voice. "Who? You think Rachel is his girlfriend? Please. He just used her as a date so he could watch you and Patch." Cory replied looking down at a book. "How exactly do you know this? I've only meet you once before. and wasn't Rachel YOUR girlfriend?" You reply with multiple questions. "I'm Jake's best friend," He grins and continues. "and shes my EX girlfriend. I just wanted to have a little fun." He laughs, but you just stand there staring at him. His best friend? He's the last guy you want to be with. Jake, Rachel, and now him. Great. "Your his best friend? So I'm assuming you know all about Erika and the guys?" Is all you manage to say. "Yup." He replies studying you. "Oh. well you see, as much fun as this is, I've got to go." You say and walk around him, but he stops you. "I don't think so. I've got orders to keep you here for the nest hour." He says looking at the clock on the wall. "Orders? From who? I can manage myself. I don't know you. I don't want to know you. I just want to leave." You say and give him a hard look. "Nice story, but I'm sticking to the orders." He said crossing his arms. He stared at you with his piercing green eyes, and it made you feel uneasy. "Orders from WHO?" You step towards him, but he didn't budge. "Tell me." You stare at him, but he just stands there staring back. You let out a frustrated groan and wander into the maze of book shelves. "If I'm going to be staying here I'm not going to be anywhere near him." You walk further in, finding something to do. The library was huge, filled with endless rows of book shelves. You found a table in the way back and sat at it.
  4. "What are you doing?" Cory asks coming up to you. "Go away." You didn't feel like talking to him. 'He's imprisoning me in a library, what does he expect. We become best friends? Yeah right.' "Just trying to make conversation." He raises his hands as if he were innocent. "Well don't. Any friend of Jake's, isn't a friend of mine." You smile sarcastically. "Ouch." He replies. "So why are you so mad at him anyways?" He asks as he sits down next to you. "Seriously?" You look at him. "Hes a lying jerk." You say as you get up to look at the books standing on the shelves. "What exactly did he do?" He asks with curiosity in his voice. "Your a stranger. Not my therapist. Not my friend." You walk over to the next shelf. "I just wanna know why, jeez." He leans back in his seat. "You want to know huh? Because he lied to me, okay? He said he didn't talk to Erika, but ended up going with her last name. Ya happy?" You reply with anger in your voice. Cory lets out a sigh. "He was only with her because he was leading her away from you. They were this close to finding you," he pinches his fingers together. "and he saved you from being caught." Cory explains. but you didn't believe him. If you were his best friend, you'd lie for him. I mean that's why best friend do, they have each others back. "Liar." You walk away from him, but he instantly shows up in front of you with in a second "Damn." You curse under your breath. Of course, he HAD to have super speed. There goes your chances of running. "Yeah. Don't believe me huh?" Cory says standing inches away from you, making you feel intimidating. "Nope, I don't." You reply taking a step back. "Well, your just a stubborn girl aren't you?" He asks grinning. You rolls your eyes and walk away.
  5. As you walked away you remembered the door in the back. Curiosity was taking over and you walked over to it. The closer you got to it, the more afraid you were of getting caught by Cory. You yanked on the doors handle and it was unlocked. "Yes!" You whispered and slowly slipped through the door. The room looked like a small office, which you guessed was the librarian's office. Nothing interesting was in there so you quickly walked to the door. You opened the door and the light from the hallway flood into the room and tampered with your eyes from a brief moment. After getting use to the light you walked out and directed your way back to the fourth floor. Still in your black dress and heels in was hard for you to walk around, you were exhausted from the night. You passed a couple of guys who kept checking you out but flicked them off as soon as they tried talking to you. "Creeps." You muttered. Finally when you reached the fourth floor you did this awkward walk-run thing all the way to the party. You walked in and there was still a crowd. Actually it seemed as if there were more people. You shoved your way through, and noticed that there was no longer a fight, just people gossiping about it. "Damn it. Where are you Patch?" You murmured as you searched the room. Nobody in the room looked familiar to you. "Um excuse me?" You walked up to an older woman. She turned to face you. "What happened to those two guys?" You ask. "Oh dear. All I know is that those fools were bashing each other in the head and after a few minutes they were separated. One left and the other went to the back of the room." She gestured in the direction of your table. Patch must of been the one back there. "Thank you." You walk to the back of the room. "Patch!" You yell in relief when you see him. He turns and face you. He had a bruise on his cheek bone, which he was icing, and a bloody mouth. "Oh my gosh. Are you okay?" You ask throwing yourself into his arms. He grunts in pain a little but hugs you back tightly. "I'm definitely a whole lot better now." He grins as he pulls away. "Where did you go?" He asked. "Well uh- I don't know. When you left I noticed people were circling something, and me being me, went to go check it out. I saw Jake punch you and I tried to go stop it but some guy took me and locked me in the library." You explain to him the story. His expression went cold, and protective. "Who is this guy?" He asked. "I don't know, all I know is that his name is Cory." You reply. It was obvious Patch didn't know who he was because he just made a weird face. "Yeah, but I got away. He doesn't know, but I'm sure he's realized it by now." You laugh and Patch smirks at you. "Your such a smart ass." He laughs. "I don't know if I should feel complimented or offended right now." You stare at him. "It's definitely a compliment." Patch smiles at you.
  6. "Why thank you." You laugh. "So are you feeling any better?" You stare at the bruise he was icing. "I don't know. I can't really feel it since the ice numbed it out." He laughs softly. "Well, I should be taking you back to the guys now.. Its late." He stands up. "Oh my god! I forgot about them!" You jump up quickly. "Relax there not home yet, they think you went to go hang with some girls you met." Patch reassured you. "Oh.. You told them?" You ask staring at him. "Nope. I paid some girl five bucks to tell them." Patch laughed. "That's smart." You also laugh. You guys began walking but walked as slow as possible. "What a night." You sighed. "Tell me about it. We both got into a fight." He pressed the ice to his face. "Here." You grabbed the ice from his hand. The bruise was now swollen, the ice was definitely not helping. It was actually cut open, but it wasn't bleeding. You threw the ice bag in the nearest garbage, "Hey I need that." He tried to grab it but didn't make it. "No, it's only making your bruise worse. Just don't touch it." You told him. "You should be my nurse." Patch winked at you. "I'd probably end up killing you." You joked. "Thanks you know." Patch stopped walking. "For killing you?" You stopped in confusion. "No, for sticking with me tonight, even though I know I'm not the best guy.. or the good guy." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Hey, I had fun tonight. and I don't always necessarily like good boys." You elbow him laughing. He smiles at you, and you smile back. You both continue to walk.
  7. He walked you back to your room, and you both stood outside the door. "Well Patch, thanks for making this an unforgettable night, and thank god I don't have any bruises." You laugh. "Its always a pleasure." He winks at you. "Well I should go before the guys see me." You stare at him for a few minutes, expecting him to do something. "Alright.." He says staring down at you. There was a major déjà-vu moment when you studied him. Like you've know Patch longer then you have, almost as if you've know him forever. "Something wrong?" He asks. "Oh- uh no." You snap back into reality. "Everything is just fine." You reply balancing on your feet. He studied you some more. "Your a really interesting girl." He continued to stare at you, from almost every angle. "I could say the same thing about you, but your not a girl." You joke. He laughs softly. "It's getting late. We both want the same thing. So let's not waste time." before you could say anything Patch put his hands on your waist and pulled you in for a kiss. He pressed his warm lips against yours, and once again you felt the same rush on energy from earlier. He pulled you in tightly, so close that your bodies were mushed together. Patch pulled away quickly as if something bad had just happened, but he shot a look down the hall. Sort of like a dog listening for a squirrel. "Whats wrong?" You ask. "Shh. Go into your room. Don't come out until tomorrow. I've got to go." Patch let go of you, and quickly fled down the hall.
  8. You did what he told you to do and walked into the room. You kicked your shoes of and planted yourself on the couch. "ahh!" You screamed because you sat on something that was definitely not a cushion. "What?! What?!" You hear a voice. You ran to the wall and flipped the light switch on. "ah turn it off!" You see Alex on the couch covering his face with a pillow. "You scared the crap out of me!" You told him. "Sorry, I didn't try." He removed the pillow from his head. "What are you doing out here?" You questioned. "I couldn't sleep with Josh. He snores to loud." "Oh.. I'm surprised you didn't take up my bed." You laughed. "I was actually going to but Calisto didn't let me." He frowned. "Good, because I would of pushed you off the bed." You stick your tongue out. "No you would of let me sleep on your bed because I'm an awesome cuddler." He winked at you. "I'm not so sure about that." "There's only one way to find out." He grins. "I'm actually to tired for that, but I'll keep the offer in mind." You laugh at him. "Guess what." He said standing up. and of course he was practically naked, only wearing his boxers and socks. You couldn't resist the looks of his body. "uh- what?" "We arrive at Australia tomorrow." He said as he stretched, flexing his arms behind his head. "Really? Finally!" You said in excitement. "I know. I'm tired of this ship." He joked. Alex still had a tired look in his eyes. You kind of felt bad he had to sleep out on the uncomfortable couch. "You look tired. I'll let you go back to sleep." You stood up but Alex grabbed your hand and softly pulled you back. "I don't want you to go yet." He smiles. It's been awhile since you and Alex had actually talked, or even been together. "You sure?" You asked. "I wouldn't doubt it for a second." He grabbed his blanket and wrapped it around you. "Thanks." You whispered and laid your head on his shoulder. He had his arm around you so you were in a comfortable place. He rested his head on the top of yours, and the both of you feel asleep together.
  9. You woke up earlier then everybody else because you were sore, and stiff from sleeping in a sitting position. You shifted your head off of Alex's shoulder. He looked really cute when he was asleep, and he had slept with no blanket the whole night. It made you feel bad so you removed the blanket and covered him with it. You walked back into the room and took off your dress, feeling much less tense. You put on a pair of sweats and a tank top and plopped yourself onto your bed. You let out a deep breath that seemed to let go off your stress with Jake. You weren't tired anymore so you just decided to hang out around your room so you wouldn't wake up the later sleepers.
  10. You listen to your i-Pod and read a couple of magazines for awhile and then check the time. It was 9:42. You groaned and rolled off of your bed. You walked out into the living room to see Alex still sleeping. The view make you smile to yourself. "I want water." You say to yourself and walk into the kitchen. You rumble through the cabinets and grab a cup for your water. "Ah what the heck. No ice? Seriously." You grumble and put your cup back down. You slipped on some shoes and walked out of the room leading yourself to the Ice machine. It only took you a few minutes this time since you know where it is. You placed the topper on the ice machine and let the ice cubes tumble down into the topper. Suddenly you feel a firm hand wrap around your mouth, not letting you make a sound.
  11. OKay, so who is your #1 guy right now?
  12. If he's not one of the other four. Chose the one down here.

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