the life between magic & boys Pt. 14

**READ** Welcome to part 14 guise. Guess what? JAKE IS NOW A RESULT. So for the ones who like him, your welcome (; Thanks for taking my series BTW (: If you like it please comment, and rate.

Okay so just in case some of you forgot what the guys look like here are the descriptions. Alex: blonde hair and blue eyes. Josh: black hair and green eyes. Max: light brown hair and light blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair and blue eyes. Tyler: dark brown hair and hazel-gold eyes

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Re-cap: You just finished the day training with the guys. But you had to leave because the attendants on the ship were going to start decorating for the party later on. Your all halfway to the suite, but you forget the practice weapons so you go back. When you walk inside, you see a guy standing there, holding the practice sword.
  2. "Oh wait guys, I forgot the bow." You tell them. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get it." You say and they nod. You turn back down the hallway and walk into the rom. "Where did I put the- oh my god." You look around for the bow but instead of finding the bow you see a guy standing there, holding your practice sword.
  3. He looks up at you. He was shaggy black hair and dark eyes, like endless pits. They look very mysterious, and intriguing. He's wearing dark faded jeans, a dark grey v-neck, and a black leather jacket. "Uhm- who are you?" You ask trying not to sound scared. He puts the sword down and looks at you in amusement. "Just a guy." He says in a smooth, sexy voice. You can't help but feel attracted to him, yet totally terrified. Chills go through your body. "Well.. I'm just going to get this thing and-" You walk over to get the swords but he puts his arm in front to block you. He gives you a cute, troublesome smile. His lips look soft and smooth. "Can I help you?" You ask him. "You could," He gives you a flirty grin. "but we can save that for later." He finishes. "˜Who does this guy think he is' You ask yourself.
  4. "Okay seriously, who ARE you?" You ask, becoming curious. "Thats not important." He gives you a flirty smirk. "Do I know you or something? I just need to grab these and leave. My friends are waiting for me." You start getting irritated. "Who are your friends?" He asks you, and if he were teasing. "No one. Can I get my stuff?" You ask pointing to the sword. He moves back and gestures to the swords. "Thanks." You walk past and pick up the stuff. "Hey _____. You okay, your taking awhile." You hear Max's voice. "Yeah I just got held up by-" You turn around to show Max the guy but he's not there anymore. "By?" Max cuts in. "Oh nothing I just meant by the swords I wasn't sure if you guys were coming back to get the rest of them." You quickly make up a lie. "Oh yeah, Josh and Calisto are coming back to get them." Max responds quickly. "Oh okay then." You put the swords back on the rack and Max walks out. You go over to pick up the bow, and you see a piece of paper next to it. You pick it up and read it. "To ______, I wanted to see you again (; so I'm holding your ipod ransom. If you want it back, your going to have to call me (; " You see seven numbers neatly printed at the bottom. "My ipod?" You question and check you pockets for it."What? I always carry my Ipod. He's got to be lying... I must of misplaced it. Who is this guy?" You scoff and shove the paper into your pocket.
  5. You walk back into the hallway and continue on to your room. You finally reach it and walk in to the see guys.. shirtless. "WOAH, hey there." You say shutting one eye, and keeping the other open. "You know you like this." Max says laughing. "Shut up. Its normal for a girl." You laugh. "Wanna join us?" Alex winks at you. "HA, so tempting, but no." You laugh. You stare each one of the guys down. They are tan, and have perfect bodies. Alex, Max, and Tyler have 6 packs. Calisto and Josh have 8. "Lordy, it has to be my birthday" You whisper to yourself.
  6. There all tired from working hard the whole day, so they decided they want to be half naked today. "Hey do you guys want to go to the party later?" Tyler asks. "I heard there's going to be a sick DJ coming on board soon, and is DJing at tonight's party. I can get you all in." Tyler looks at all of you. "Oh my god! yes!" You say jumping up and down. "I've been dying to dance and just let loose for once." You say laughing. "If I get to watch _____ dance, then I'm totally in. No ifs, ands, or buts." Alex says winking at you. The rest of the guys agree. "Jeez, thanks guys. I feel a bit violated." You joke. "Yeah its a formal party though, so if you want to fit in, dress nice." He says. "Well what time does it start?" You ask. "Seven-ish?" He says. "Sounds good, what time is it?" You ask . "four thirty." Josh responds. "Alright, well I'm hungry. Im going to go make some food." You say and go walk into the kitchen.
  7. You go through the fridge and grab some fruit. You take them out and go to the sink to wash them. The thought of Jake pops into your head. "˜Why did he seem so... nice. What is he up to? What if he actually is innocent.' Thoughts keep running through your head for a few minutes. "Hey." Tyler says walking into the kitchen. "Hey." You reply. "You excited for the party?" He asks grabbing a soda from the fridge. "Are you kidding me? Of course I am!" You say laughing. "Awesome." He says, and starts to walk away. "Hey Tyler." You stop him. "Yeah?" He turns around. "Do you know anything about a red door?" You ask him. "Yeah the red door, its right by the grand staircase, use to be the old library. Why?" He asks. "Oh. Just wondering, I overheard some ladies talking about it." You lie. "˜Wow, I've been pretty good at lying lately. This isn't good' You say to yourself. "Oh alright." He says and walk out to the guys. "˜Okay so It's four thirty, and I'm suppose to meet Jake at 5.. If I want to.' You think to yourself. Should I go? Or stay...
  8. You debate with yourself for another five minutes until deciding to go. Who cares if you aren't suppose to meet him, you just had a feeling that this was going to change things, and not turn out bad. You usually follow you instincts, and they said go. You walk out into the living room, past the guys and into your room. "˜What the heck should I wear?' You ask walking into your closet. "˜I don't want to seem overrated, but then again I want to look good...' You look around. Perfect.
  9. You change into your outfit, and walk into the bathroom. You fix your hair, apply a little make up, and brush your teeth. You stare into the mirror, satisfied with how you look. What time is it? You check your clock. The red numbers glowed "˜4:50'. "Alright I can do this." You say walking out into the living room. "Hey ____" The guys say. "Hey guys, I'm going down to the shops to see if there's anything I can wear for tonight." You lie.. once again. "Alright, you want any money?" Josh asks. "No, I've go it covered, thanks." You smile at him and walk out the door as they say goodbye. "˜Okay red door, red door...' you say as you walk past the grand staircase. "There it is.." You slowly walk up to it. Its a large wooden door painted red, and it has gold numbers that read "˜library'. You slowly turn to doorknob to see if its open or not. "˜click'. Its open.
  10. You cautiously walk in. You see a huge room, lined with wooden shelves holding hundreds, and thousands of books. There's an upstairs and a downstairs. The room looks full of life, for being so lonely and unused. It looks like a typical Barnes & Noble, just a bit bigger, and minus the people. Your not sure where to go, or what to do, so you just decide to look around and check out the books. You find a couple of your favorite books and begin to read them. You suddenly hear footsteps. "˜oh my god. oh my god. what do I do? HIDE.' You turn invisible. The footsteps grow louder, and sound closer. You peek around the corner of the shelf to see who it is. "Oh..."
  11. You see Jake, walking towards you looking around the library. He's wearing dark jeans, and a fitted black shirt. His hair perfectly gold, shining under the florescent lights. His gorgeous blue eyes floating around the room looking for your presence. You show yourself. He doesn't jump at all, only stares at you in surprise, as if not expecting you to show. "Hey.." He looks at you a little stunned. "Hi.." You reply. "I'm glad you came. I honestly didn't expect you to come." He says. "I didn't ether.. but I showed didn't I?" You say a little nervously. "Yeah." He laughs a little. "I'm glad your giving me a chance to explain myself." He looks at you with his blue eyes shining. "Yeah.. you better start before I change my mind..." You reply. "Yeah, I guess I should start huh?" He walks over to a table and sits down. You follow and do the same, taking the seat across from him.
  12. "What do you want to tell me?" You ask him. "Well first, I want to know what your friends told you about me." He says staring at you. You hesitate a little not knowing if you should say anything. "˜but lying won't make him tell me the truth...' You decide to tell him. "They told me what you are.. the Incubus.. The big bad boy in command, and how you stole Katherine. How your the bad guy working with Erika, kidnapping people and turning them into Blackhearts. I know why you want me..." You confess to him. He looks at you, and his eyes say it all. He's in pain. He let out a shallow sigh. "& yet you still show.." He stares at you and continues. "Well first of all.. I'm definitely not the Incubus. Second, Katherine is my sister. Thirdly I do work with Erika, but that's because I'm forced to. and last, I don't kidnap people." He says it so fast. You don't understand anything. "Your not the- wait sister? I'm so confused.." You start thinking about it, trying to put the pieces together but nothing is making sense. "Calm down. Let me explain." He says looking at you.
  13. "I'm an immortal, just like your friends. Right before I was turned, I met Erika. She tricked me. She pretended to be a normal girl, and I fell head over heels for her. She was just using me. She kidnapped my parents, but I didn't know that at the time. She said if I turned immortal and joined her I could get my parents back and she would help me. Once I turned I moved to a new town. Which is where I met Josh. We became best friends. While we were living there Erika set up Katherine with Josh. I didn't really know about it. She lied to me and said Josh was the bad guy.. thats why I took Katherine away, and I made sure they never saw each other again because she's my sister you know. I didn't want her to get hurt." He explains it all and now you know why his eyes show pain, why he's being the way he is. The guys were wrong, but it's not there fault, It's Erika's. Your a little overwhelmed. "Oh my god. The guys were so wrong about you..." You say with sympathy. "I know, but it's not their fault they didn't know." He says. "So what about the Incubus? Who is that?" You ask wanting to know more. "It's Erika.. The night she fought Josh, she shape shifted into me and tricked him. That's why he thinks I'm all evil." He says. "Oh.. Erika can shape shift?" You ask. "No.. she use to have a sorcerer who could make her potions." He says. "but she killed him, because he got old." Jake continues to stare at you. "Wow.. I'm actually glad I came." You say. "I feel better now that you know." He smiles at you, and right away you feel warm all over.
  14. "How did you find me though? and How did you get on the ship?" You ask him. "I'm not with Erika anymore, I left. She's been looking for me and I've been jumping ship to ship. Then I got a feeling, I didn't know what at first. Then I saw you boarding the ship with those guys. and I've been staying on here ever since, disguising myself from Josh and the rest." He explains. "Oh.. so as long as your on here Erika can't find us?" You ask. "Yeah, that's how it works." He gives you a small smile. *Click* You hear the door start to turn on the other side of the library. "I've go to go. Don't say a word about this to anyone. You won't be able to see me for awhile, but I'll be around trust me, I'm protecting you just like the other guys." He gave you a big smile and stood up to start walking. "Hello? ____?" You hear Tyler. You stand up to go to him. "Hey when-" You turn around to say something to Jake but he's already gone out the other door. "_____, what are you doing in here?" Tyler asks coming up to you. "Oh- uh- I got curious I just wanted to see what was in here. Sorry If I'm breaking and entering." You say. "No it's fine." He says smiling at you. "How did you know I was in here?" You ask him. "You dropped this right outside the door." He hands you your bracelet. "˜Smooth' You say to yourself. "Thanks." You respond, grabbing the bracelet. "Yeah we should head back to the room and start getting ready for the party." He says walking towards the door. "Yeah." you say, and follow him. "So did you find anything to wear?" He asks you. You realized you don't have any outfit with you. "No uh there wasn't really anything I was looking for." You respond quickly. "Oh, what are you going to wear?" He asks. "I think I have something back at the suite." You say. and after that you both walk back to the room with out saying another word.
  15. You walk into the room and see the guys running everywhere back and forth. "Jeez, whats up with you guys?" You laugh. "Us men, are getting ready for the party." Alex grins at you. "Oh god.." You stare at Alex who is walking around with nothing but a towel around his waist. His hair damp, and wet. "Don't act like you don't like what you see." Alex winks at you and walks into his room. "Wow.." You laugh and walk into your room. "˜5:45' The clock read. You walk into the bathroom and take a shower. You get out and put a robe on. "What the heck am I going to wear?" You say as you walk into your closet. You scramble around in your suitcases searching for anything nice to wear. "No. No. To old. No. To bright. No. No. Do I even own this shirt?" You continue searching. "Perfect!" You pull out a red dress. "What the heck.. I didn't know I had a dress, but its so pretty!" You walk into the bathroom and put it on. The dress hugged your body, showing off your perfect shape. It was a bright red, and stopped mid thigh. It wasn't skimpy, but it was a classy perfect dress. It made your eye color pop, your hair shine, and your skin glow. "Wow.. I actually look... Amazing.." You look in the mirror checking yourself out. You decide to make loose curls on your long ____ hair, and let it dangle about. You apply a little makeup and go find some shoes to wear. You go ahead and choose your favorite shoes, that go just right with the dress. You look in the mirror again, more then satisfied with how you look, boosting your self esteem +100. You put on some perfume and go back into your room. "˜6:50'. "Alright I'm ready." You go and walk out into the living room.
  16. The guys are all talking among themselves and are messing around. They don't see you. "Hey guys.." You say walking into the room. "Holy mother of-" "Marry me." "Party in my pants." "holy sh-t your smoking." "I think I just died and went to heaven." They all threw out there comments. "Thanks." You say blushing. "You say awkward things.." You laugh and sit on the couch. You realize all the guys look good. Not like they usually look, but more then good. They all are dressed really nicely and look very attractive. The guys sat around you. "What time are we leaving?" You ask. "Uh- right now." Max says checking the time. "Wohoo, let's go party!" Alex says jumping over the couch and running to the door. You laugh and walk to the door. You all walk to the dance hall. the hallways are packed with people. "Jeez, this is going to be a pretty big party." You yell over the crowd to the guys. You all walked into the room, careful not to split up. The room was full of life. There were colorful lights hanging from the ceiling, and tables with lighted lanterns were set up everywhere. In the front of to the side was the Dj booth set up with giant speaker blasting music, making the room vibrate. People were dancing like crazy on the dance floor. Across the room was a bar where they served food and soda's rather then alcohol. The room was dark, but it was lit up by colors.
  17. "That's our table over there." Tyler shouts over the music. He walks to a table and you all put your things down to reserve your seats. You all seem to go your separate ways after that. You walk around and check out the place. It seems like everywhere your walking your turning heads. You go to the "˜bar' to go get a soda. You tell the bartender what you'd like and patiently wait there looking for one of the guys. You look around watching all the people dance. You turn to your left. "No way.." You see mystery guy from earlier. But he's already staring at you.
  18. You raise and eyebrow at him and he comes to sit by you. "What brings you here?" He asks giving you his sexy smirk. "The party." You say. "I would have never guessed." He teases. "I dare you to dance." He says. "No thanks, I'll pass." You tell him. "I wasn't asking." He gives a mischievous smile. You awkwardly shift on your chair. "What to scared?" He teases and grins at you. "I don't even know you. Why are you talking to me?" You say into his ear, hoping he can hear you over the loud crowd. He just stares at you and smiles. "Okay.." You say awkwardly. "˜dance' you hear a voice in your head say, and no, it's not your voice. "˜what the hell was that' You feel a little eerie. "C'mon show me what you got. Unless your to scared" He winks at you. Your kind of tired of his teasing, you don't even know him. "Eh, didn't think you would." He turns in his seat and faces the bartender. "You know what. Fine." You get up from your seat and walk across the dance floor. Your favorite dance song comes on, and you definitely can't resist the temptation now. You start dancing like crazy letting loose. You feel a shot of adrenaline shoot through your whole body. You continue to dance and then your eyes get blinded by a bright light. The spotlight is on you. You hesitate at first and don't know what to do. "Eh, it's only one night what the hell." You say and continue dancing your butt off. You hear the crowd cheering you on.
  19. The song ends and everyone, literally, starts cheering, clapping, whistling, and praising you. They go wild. The DJ laughs and thanks you for your "˜entertainment'. You walk off the dancefloor and go back over to the "˜bar'. You get your drink, and slowly sip it. "Wow. I've never seen a girl with so much energy." Mystery guy says coming up and sitting next to you. "So are you going to tell me your name? You ask him a little breathless. He gives you and amused look. "My name's Patch." He says staring at you. His eyes darker then anything you've ever seen. They hinted danger, and trouble. He made you feel terrified and calm at the same time. "Patch?" You reply. He gives you a smile. You couldn't deny it, he was gorgeous, but he was trouble. He seemed like the kind of guy your mother would disapprove of. "Why haven't I seen you around?" You ask him. "I'm not a public kind of person." He smiles, and obviously his reply was a sarcastic lie.
  20. "What are you doing tomorrow." He asks. "Why do you want to know?" You reply. "Just wondering if I'll ever get that call." He winks at you, and smiles. "Never. I'm not going to call you. Ever." You say and walk away, but you feel his eyes burn the back of your head, and you know he's giving you his arrogant smile. You go back to the table trying not to think about Patch, and his arrogant self. "Hey angel, nice performance." Alex says grinning at you. "Er- Uhm, Didn't know what I was doing.." You say with your face feeling hot. "I liked it." He winks at you, and you laugh and roll your eyes. "Typical Alex." You reply. The rest of the guys come up all hyped. "Hey guys!" Max says. "We saw your little dance _____, very attractive." Josh says grinning at you. "Oh gosh.." You reply laughing. "Let's dance guys." Calisto says to all of you. You all exchange looks and nod. You walk up to the dance floor, and get into the beat. Another one of your favorite songs come on, and that adrenaline shoots right back in you. "wohoo!" You yell dancing with he guys, who start letting loose and going crazy. You laugh a little and continue to dance, but suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your foot.
  21. "Ow!" You yell in pain and look down to your foot to see a high heel dug into it. You try to pull your foot away put you see a girl keeping her ground. She's tall and blonde. She's staring you down with her dark blue eyes. "Get off her foot, what are you doing?" Max says to her. "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." She says in a girly voice, sounding nothing like she's sorry. She removes her foot. "Yeah, that hurt you know." You snap back. "Excuse you." She says in a high pitched voice. "Uhm, no. Your the one who stepped on MY foot." You snap. "Shut up you little sl-t, your the one walking around with a bunch of guys." She looks at you and then over to the guys. "Hey whats your problem. She not sl-t." Josh says. "Puh-lease," Alex steps in. "your probably just jealous because she got more guys in one night then you've ever gotten in your life." He says with a funny voice. Max starts cracking up in the back, and Calisto and Tyler join. "Plus, you look like a constipated duck. The bathrooms over there if you need it." Alex points to the back off the room. You all start bursting out into laughter. "Ugh. Whatever, your disgusting." She looks at you before walking away. You just make a funny face at her.
  22. "˜She looked familiar' you think to yourself. "What is her problem. That's the second time she's tried to mess with you." Josh says. "Second?" You ask. "Yeah remember the water park? When those guys tried to hit on you, and you refused but then she came up with that Cory kid saying stuff, and you told her off like a boss." Josh says laughing. "Oh yeah..." You laugh remembering. You still feel the sharp pain in your foot. "Hey guys I'm going to go back to the room to ice my foot, I'll be coming back though." You say taking a sharp, painful step. "You need help?" Calisto asks. "No I'm fine, thanks, I'll be back."
  23. You continue walking towards the door. You start walking back to the room. Your passing by the grand staircase and notice the red door to the library is opened a little. You slowly walk to the door. You didn't want to say anything, just in case it was an attendant or something. You walk in, slowly passing each shelf, looking for someone. You see a shadow walk past you an aisle away. "˜Stay calm. STAY CALM.' You say in your head. You go up to the tables, where you and Jake were earlier. Its dark so you have to sort of squint around to see. "˜Okay I can't really see anyth- ouch.' You stub your toe on a chair. "Stupid." You curse under your breath. "oh-" You stop yourself. "˜Am I seeing things?' You think in your head. "˜Oh no.. It moved...' You panic in your head. You see a large black shadow straight ahead.
  24. Thanks for taking part 14 guise, please rate and comment (: and again if you didn't read the description I have some good news for some of you. Jake is now result (: so go ahead and drool over him (; He's all yours. BTW, I'm trying to decide if I should make Patch a character/result. So, if you think I should or shouldn't, comment what you think.

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