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PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS QUIZ!!This is my first quiz so please take it easy on me...anyway, this is an avatar the last air bender love story quiz! It is taking place right after the war, when repubilic city was just being built and just becoming populatied, so this is after aang, but before korra! Ok so you are a waterbender and your father is forcing you to marry a jerk in your tribe named marc.

Your plan is to run away to repubilic city, and you meet 4 guys in this quiz sam, jake, toby, and alex. Sam is the earthbender, jake is the airbender, toby is the waterbender, and alex is the firebender...have fun!!!!

Created by: googlewacks

  1. You hear a knock on a door. "Hey _______! Time to get up!" You slightly open your eyes, but go back to sleep. You hear another knock, and this time a bight louder, and the voice, more annoied, yet you could care less and go back to sleep. You can faintly hear a door opening, and your room gets a bight cold. "Good morning sunshine!!" And you feel a freezing cold splash of a cool liquid on your body. "Ahhhhhh!!!" You scream and jump out of bed. "The world says hello, buddy!" As your vesion ajusts you see a boy standing near you wearing a tradidtional northen water tribe outfit. He has crazy bright blode hair, and dark brown eyes.
  2. Its your best friend Toby, he's the odd ball in his family, and the village, and your one of his only friends. He's smiling ear to ear, and is all dressed up as if he's gonna be traveling somewhere far. "What's going on?" You ask. He laughs and says "do be silly _______. We have to get going before everyone gets up, remember? Were going to Repubilic City! And we don't have much time, your dad and my mom will be up soon, so we have to get going!!"
  3. You start to remember everything! You and Toby want to travel to Repubilic City, because your father was going to force you to marry a water bender in your tribe named Marc, and he was terrible and you hated him! So you and Toby made a plan to run away and go to Repubilic City. You couldn't be happier that Toby woke you up, because you completely forgot! So you quickly grabed all your gear together, and ran outside. The sun was braley up yet, and no one was up except Marc's polar bear dog. He started barking, so we both ran out to the edge of the village, near the water, and you heard Toby yell the name uki! Then a gaint elephant koi came out of the water!
  4. You sigh with releaf, and cuddle up next to toby, as he's maping out the area to make sure were heading the right way. You fall asleep in his lap..."__________! Wake up!" You open your eyes and look around and ask where you guys are. "Uh...ya, that's kinda why I woke you up...you she, as uki was swiming, the water started getting a bight rough, and well, I kinda let go of the map." He said with a little wimper. Your eyes get wide, and you start to get scared...you can't go back, and there isn't much suplies left. (and even thou you are a water bender, your still trying to get better) you just up, and start looking for land or maybe a steam boat...
  5. You've noticed that its gotten extremely warmer. You keep traveling for a good hour when Toby can see land!!!! It looks every wooded, and it just kinda hit you...even thou the way is over...many people are still quite scared of other benders, and most people tend to keep to themselfs and aren't to friendly to travelers. Either way you to keep heading towards land and are hoping for the best
  6. You guys finally made it to land. Toby sent uki away and you to started you way to Repubilic City. Even thou you have no map and no sense of drection you to keep walking. after walking for a while Toby stopped you in your tracks and started looking around...the forest got concidribly windy. You heard a faint voice, you weren't sure were it was coming from but it sounded happy! You look around and for a few seconds the wind completely stopped! "Sorry about that..I just thought tha-" "WAAAAHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Toby was cut off by a huge bust of wind and a boy sitting on a huge ball of air, while rolling around on it and having the time of his life! He kept riding around into he ran right into a tree and fell to the ground! You quickly ran over to the boy. "Wait ______!! Stay away from him! He could hurt you!" Toby said trying to keep at a whisper level. You ignored his warning and jumped right to the boy. He was lying on the grown and looked kinda hurt. He had crazy dark brown hair, and was wearing a bright orange and yellow outfit,light blue tattoos going up and down his body.
  7. You lean over him, and Toby stands near you, with a quite worried look on his face. The boy startes opening his light blue eyes and jumps up quickly. "Who are you!?What do you want with me!?...hey your kinda cute" he screamed. You look and then Toby says "I'm Toby, and she's ______...were from the northern water tribe." He said quite annoied. "Oh..well I'm jake!" He sticks his hand out to shake it and as he is walking towards you to, he trips and falls over some of the root of the trees.
  8. "Ouch." Jake moans, as you run over to help him out (out of the corner of your eye you can see Toby snikering at him) "so where are you two heading?" Jake asks as you help him up. "Oh where going to Repubilic City...where just not sure where that is..." You say as Jake starts putting his arm around you, and again seeing Toby, only this time looking more pissed off if anything. "Really? Well I hate to break it to you guys but the closest sign of civilazation is Ba Sing Si." You give Toby a worried look "if you guys would like a lift, I could give you one, I live there with my little sister and mom." Before you and Toby could awsner Jake whisles loudly and, all of the sudden a sky bison flys into the clearing.
  9. "Ahhh!!! What is that?!" Toby screams. You look at him extremely happily and say "its a sky bison!!!" "Yes. His name is kian. If you guys wanna come to Ba Sing Si, hop on!" Before Toby can even chace up to you , you jump right on to kian. "Kian, yip yip!" Jake shouts and kian takes off! Toby didn't get a good chance to get on so for a good 10 mintues, Toby was holding on to kian for dear life!
  10. After about an hour riding on kian and talking to jake about ba sing si, you finally get there, and right when kian lands, you jump right off of kian and start looking around. "I'll be right back. I have to go check on my mom...please don't go anywhere far!" Jake says as he hops off of kian. You take off as Toby tires to keep up with you. As your looking around you see a pretty big crowd of people crowding something. As you dig your way into the room, you see a big group of officers attacking two boys. One has dusty brown hair and bright green eyes and the other has black shaggy hair and light chocolate brown eyes. The green eyed on was earth bending while the other was fire bending. Some people where joining in the fight to help the the boys, but they just seemed to be blowen away.
  11. You jump right into the fight it seemed right when Toby finally caught up to you. You started waterbending with the earth and firebender. The fight finished after the earthbender threw the last standing officer into a small fruit stand. Everyone cheered, and the crowd cleared, and you saw jake and toby coming over to you. "You did amazing!" Toby and jake said at the same time. Jake looked over and saw the earth and fire bender and said "Sam! Alex!" The two benders turned around and saw jake "jake! Where were you today?! We needed your help, at least until she came." The earth bender said. "Ya, she's a friend. Her name is _______. And this is Toby, a friend of hers." The earthbender jumped up and said "hey, I'm sam. Your a pretty good waterbender" with a little sparkle in his eyes. The firebender then walked over and said "ya your a good fighter...I'm alex by the way."
  12. Ok I think where gonna stop there. Thanks for taking my quiz and please rate and comment...this is my first quiz and thank you for taking it :D who do you like?!

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