What type of bender are you

This your chance to reveal what bender you will be please dont get made if you didn't get what you want THIS WILL NOT HAVE THE AVATAR! So ya... xD so ya bye...

Hope you enjoy this and if you would like more please like and tell me your opinions in the commemts... hopefully you get what you want as the results any way i think my work here is done... bye

Created by: Karina
  1. Hope you will like this :')
  2. How often do you smile?
  3. Are you cold at times(emotionally not actually cold)
  4. Are you soft? If you are let me give you a hug...
  5. Are you calm like the wind and sea
  6. What your favourite time of the day
  7. What your favourite color? Yes i know this question is asked alot...
  8. What do you like about people?
  9. What do trait the do you have
  10. Which bender do you think you will be?..
  11. What bender do you wanna be?...
  12. What is your favourite season
  13. Pick an animal
  14. Do you like sunsets or sunrise
  15. Are quiet?..
  16. Are you loud?...
  17. Will you be ready for your anwser
  18. Would you like more quizs like this
  19. Will you like
  20. Will you comment

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Quiz topic: What type of bender am I