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This Quiz is to Tell you What kind of Bender you will be most suited to. This Quiz will Test your Preferred style of fighting, your Ideas of the World, and What Would you Do once you Have the Abilities. You Must Remember That Benders Have There Opposites The More you Lean towards one Bender you will Lean Away From Another.

I Decided to make this because I was not Satisfied with the Other Bender Quizzes.I Did the Research and Thinking Like The Four Benders. Making this Quiz Did Take A While to Make But it was Worth it, Avatar Bending Quiz!

Created by: Wargo567
  1. What Form of Martial Arts Would you most Likely Practice?
  2. During Combat Which of these would you most Likely focus on?
  3. Which of These Words are you most "Familiar" with?
  4. Which of These words do you "Value" Most?
  5. Which of These Traits do you "Want" the most?
  6. Which of These two Would you Practice as a Bender?
  7. Out of The Original Bending Teachers do you find the most unlikely?
  8. As The New King, What Will you Focus on First?
  9. You are now Set off to hunt, What would be your Strategy?
  10. Which of These Seasons you Find The Most Beautiful?
  11. You view the Power of Fire to be...
  12. You view the power of Earth to be...
  13. You view the power of Air to be...
  14. You view the power of Water to be...
  15. What Do You Believe What ones Spirit Must do for the World?
  16. What Bending Style Would you rather not Have?
  17. When your Master is Not Around, you would Train your?
  18. Which element do you believe Influences Humanity the Most?
  19. Fear is?
  20. Your Response to a Potential Enemy should be?

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