How well do you know Avatar; The Last Airbender

There's this cute little japan-a-mation show I like called Avatar ,The Last Airbender,so I decided to spread the word about it though test form. I hope you look it up!

Do you know a lot about Avatar or are you incomplete? Now you can find out with my Avatar Test.I know that's a dumb line, but i need to fill this space. Good luck!

Created by: cNichols
  1. Easy Question first.Who is Boomi?
  2. Put the following people in order of introduction:Toph, Sukka, Bato, Azula and Jong Jong?
  3. Who said; "And now I have a challange for you".?
  4. How many of the Koyoshi Warriors have names?
  5. Who was Aang's Firebending teacher?
  6. Who came up with the name "Sparky, Sparky Boom Man"?
  7. In what episode did Zuko join the gang?
  8. Water Benders came from;?
  9. Airbenders had how many temples
  10. Which nation has the most land?
  11. Who came up with metal bending?
  12. Who was Master Pian Dou?
  13. Which Character won an award for most character develepment?
  14. Who was Master Paku
  15. How long does the war go for in total?
  16. which character eventually went insane?
  17. What was Sukka's sword made out of?
  18. Who said; "Maybe it's friendly!"
  19. Who was wacked out on cactus juice for a day?
  20. What happened in the episode: The True Firebenders

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Avatar; The Last Airbender