How Well do You Know "Avatar, the Last Airbender"?

Avatar the Last Airbender is a childrens television show that has to do with all four elements of the earth. During the show, there are certain characters that can control these elements to try and stop the Fire Nation from taking over the world. Pretty cool, right?

If you watch this show, then you qualify to take this quiz! Have you ever wanted to find out what YOUR Avatar smarts amount to? Well- now you finally can!

Created by: Pixi455
  1. Let's start with the EASIEST question. Name the one nation (or element, or tribe,or bending, or nomads) that are not mentioned in Avatar.
  2. How does Katara wear her hair in Book Three?
  3. What is the Be-Fong (pronounced: bay-fong)family crest?
  4. Which option best describes the episode in which Appa goes missing?
  5. Which of these places does not exist in "Avatar, the Last Airbender"?
  6. Which girl below is Zuko's sister?
  7. What color are Aang's eyes?
  8. During the last "Avatar" episode, they show everyone wearing the same color scheme to show their unification. What were the colors?
  9. What is Katara's most useful skill?
  10. What is the biggest "love triangle" during the series?
  11. I hope you enjoyed taking this quiz. I worked hard on making it semi-difficult, although I think it's rather simple. Please choose the first answer because it is the right one. If you choose the second answer, it will bring down your score. Thank you for taking :)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know "Avatar, the Last Airbender"?