The killer ( part 4 )

Hi, welcome back. I'm your favorite author, Beauty!! ( Beautiful123) JUST SO YOU KNOW: these part are almost done. If you read, you'll get more curious about this book!

Here's your net-speak now! Your before love. I love GTQ. It's fun. WELL, almost time to read your favorite series! And trust me... you'll get Super-Duper curious!

Created by: Beautiful123

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  1. Hi, once again. Part 4 you are in now, reading. I guess you remembered part 3... so here you read!
  2. I ran out the gate, and a person's foot showed when I went. Who could it be?
  3. I ran over to that side of my house, and guess what... nobody!!! Who the heck was that?
  4. My boyfriend grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back? Was he really planning this? He kissed me on the lips. Oh, shoot.
  5. Extra paragraph!
  6. Then I finally noticed something... the sharpest knife I've ever seen. I thought he was going to kill me in 10 seconds, but he let go of me and shoved me to the grass. I knew he was up to something, but I didn't think he was going to kill me...
  7. Random questions!
  8. Wait a sec... WANNA SNEAK PEEK ON PART 5????
  9. My sister - almost dead. Boyfriend- hospital and prison at the same time. Mysterious foot - gotta find out.
  10. Now random questions - puppy, kitty, bunny, or crocodile?

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