The killer ( part 3)

Hi, I'm Beautiful123; your author of The killer series. Your reading part 3 of my book, and I hope you liked part 1 and 2. Today is part 3. I think your going to be very curious.

I really have nothing else to say, so I'll say my appearance: brunette hair with blonde on the end, hot pink and electric blue streaks, dark brown eyes.

Created by: Beautiful123

  1. So, in part 2, I said that the dark figure was actually my boyfriend, and he had to go to the bathroom. I think you were suspicious. He was heading for the backyard. You'll find out what happens when you keep reading...
  2. My boyfriend headed for the backyard, and he yelled loudly. I could hear. I wondered what was wrong...
  3. I ran to the backyard to see my boyfriend. "Everything okay?" I said, walking toward him. "Yeah.." he said, looking toward the backyard gate. I knew he was hiding something.
  4. I walked to the backyard gate, and nothing was there. "What are you hiding?" I said, commanding him to answer. "Nothing.. I just was playing.." he said. I became super suspicious, and I knew he wasn't REALLY playing.
  5. You'll have to see more on part 4. I'm sorry, but that's all for this part. Now random question time!
  6. Pizza or chicken?
  7. Just 5 more questions! But counting this one, 4.
  8. Gender and age?
  9. Spit Take!!!!'
  10. Bye! Please remember to rate and comment on my story! See ya in part 4!! Bye!

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