The Illinois State Executive Branch (Part 2)

You are probably wondering how well you will do on the state constitution. Well, now you will know, well,I guess just on this part of the test. Enjoy(?)

Will YOU do well on this quiz? You don't need an IQ of 280 to score high on this quiz, you just need to STUDY! As long as you believe in yourself, you should just do fine.

Created by: KBL_3530

  1. Who keeps the Great Seal?
  2. Who maintains the records of the General Assembly?
  3. Who is the chief legal officer for the state?
  4. Who maintains certain fiscal accounts?
  5. Who exercises power assigned by the governor?
  6. Who safe keeps the monies and securities?
  7. True or False? All state executive officers serve a four-year term.
  8. True or False? The Civil Administrative Code Departments are in the executive branch.
  9. True or False? The governor appoints the independent boards and commissions.
  10. True or False? The governor is elected at the same time as the president.
  11. True or False? The year of 2014 was a presidential election year.

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