Which US State are you?

This is just a short fun quiz about which state you should likely move to based on your preferences and what you would most likely enjoy and learn to love in a state.

Do you care to know which state you would likely enjoy the most in the United States? You can take this quiz here and find out which state you should move to.

Created by: michael44bishop

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  1. How much do you enjoy exercising?
  2. Do you like mountains?
  3. Which political ideology do you identify with?
  4. Can you speak a language other than English?
  5. Do you enjoy the beach?
  6. Where would you want to go most?
  7. Which genre of music do you enjoy most?
  8. Do you like big cities?
  9. What kind of environment do you enjoy most?
  10. Do you enjoy places with a lot of people?
  11. Do you enjoy rain?
  12. Do you enjoy any American accents?
  13. Which region do you want to live in?

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Quiz topic: Which US State am I?