International Political Spectrum Quiz

Are you a conservative, liberal, or centrist. In one nation, that's easy to say. You may call yourself a liberal in a European nation, but you'd be a conservative by America's modern definition of liberal. That's just an example of how odd the political spectrum has become. It's hard to define someone politically unless you look at his views very broadly. That's what this quiz tries to do.

Answer each question honestly for accurate results. This quiz applies for everyone around the world, not the U.S. These questions are based on proposals collected by Wikipedia for political determination. Hopefully, they can state your universal worldview well enough. Enjoy!

Created by: Cv
  1. 1. What is necessary for society?
  2. 2. What is the best method for promoting peace?
  3. 3. What is our opinion on Church & State?
  4. 4. Which regions do you favor most?
  5. 5. How should your nations foreign policy be based on?
  6. 6. What should your nations goals be based on?
  7. How should political views be expressed?
  8. How should your nation deal with international trade?
  9. What is your perspective on truth?
  10. Which of the following should your nation try to represent?

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