How Conservative Are You?

Conservative and Liberal get tossed around a lot, but have you ever wondered where you fit? Do you already know what you are but want to know how conservative you really are?

Find out now how conservative you are with this short quiz! It'll tell you whether you're conservative....or not so much.. Find out now an take this awesome quiz!

Created by: NationalConservative
  1. What is Your Stance On Abortion
  2. What is your Stance on Gun Rights?
  3. Which economic system do you prefer?
  4. President Obama is _____.
  5. What's your stance on marajuana?
  6. What's Your Stance on Gay Marriage?
  7. Military spending should_______.
  8. What's the greatest threat facing America today ,of those listed?
  9. What is your stance on global warming?
  10. Should we expand offshore drilling and tracking?
  11. Who's your top Candidate for 2016
  12. Whats your illegal immigration stance

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Quiz topic: How Conservative am I?