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  • this is retared alot of emos dont do these things like black nails and black clothers and black hair and suicide notes this is so retared its such a sterio type emo is just a different way of expressing yourself wheather it be cutting poetry music or lyrics or a diary its just how they feel

    so yeah these people need to get over the fact that there not nearly as cool as emos

    EMOS ROCK!!!<3

  • Stuff this stupid quiz! If they say we need to get a life then they're obviously losers that feel they need to priy into our lives, xxblackrosexx was rite! we dnt go makin songs bout you! All u hatas needa get a life!

    Even in ma home COUNTRY New Zealand (and we are in no way joined to the aussies btw) emos get teased and there's a girl at ma school hu gets flaming peices of paper and even knives and razors thrown at her!

    Emos originated in the 1980's nd we only knw abt it nw, it's a style of music tht ws nt meant to be a big fashion thing n e way!

    Nt all emos cut themselves! It depends on the person, I knw HEAPS of emos nd they're against cuttin themselves! Hatas get a life nd stop interferin into ours!

    Nd studies show most ppl hu call ppl gay are jst usin tht tohide their own homosexuality so SHAME ON YOU 4 BEIN A HOLES!!! :)

    Go to which is the coolest site 4 info bout emos nd the history of emos nd u'll see I'm rite!

    Caution Im Hot
  • I havve taken a few quizzes like this before. I usually get not emo but that's because I lie. Watch ur mouth A--H---! Not all emos are wrist-cutters or black hair and clothing wearers! So what if some like to get a little freaky with their gf/bf? NONE of UR BUSINESS! No I'm not bi/gay. And apoligize to my readers. Sorry.

  • Your Result: not emo!

    how're not emo at all congratulations!! keep up the good work jolly spectacular stuff :)you are free of the black abyss! yay!!!! now just make sure you stay free of the black plague...

    Cool iGuess....
    Im Not Emo But...

    iKnow For A Fact Not All Emos Cut ThereSelfs....

    And They're Not All Gay...
    And Almost None Wear Skin Tight Clothes....
    Or Am iThinking Of Scene?...
    Honestly Though...
    Not All Emos Are Like That...


    ~Sierr a :D

  • The reason i most emos get depressed,(myself included) is because people like you discriminate us and really hate us for no reason what so ever!! Dude, if you're gonna make a quiz, don't be such a f---ing dick about it!! We're not gonna change so get used to it! We don't deserve to cut ourselves its people like you!! :(

  • Lol,another quiz says I was slightly emo, and this one says I'm not emo, lol I can be sometimes, but I DO NOT cut myself or cry for stupid stuff, but I only stand up for some emo ppl not all, cuz some are just cry babies that take it too overboard I mean seriously...But I have nothing against ppl, they can be pretty cool, I have some emo friends, but to me it's a lifestyle and sometimes a certain type of emotion. WEll thats all I gotta say

  • Also some of the answers in this quiz are kinda bad, yes I do have black hair and yes I do have a side parting. And also a fringe that goes over my face

    The only answer to say yes to both says yes and its red too

    Like bruh no, my hair is dyed black. (But also has blue but its also black so,,,)

    That was annoying

    Also I dont hate my parents! Not all emos hate their parents feel like u should just hate them if theyre bad people. I dont hate my parents 8 love my parents because they are nice to me and accepting and they also are proud of me as a person and stuff so no I dont hate them cus that would be stupid of me also I dont even hate anyone irl to be honest because people are nice to me (sometimes)

  • The How Emo Are You Quiz based on The Emo Song

    Your Result: not emo!

    how're not emo at all congratulations!! keep up the good work jolly spectacular stuff :)you are free of the black abyss! yay!!!! now just make sure you stay free of the black plague...

    LOL. But the black plague is almost as fun as AIDS! Oh, and Swine Flu. Such WONDERFUL diseases...

    Agar Man
  • hello. this is going to be a lil long.

    i am way against judgments of any kind. they're wrong, offensive, and assuming. but honestly, if you take a stereotype quiz, what do you really expect? it's just a quiz, guys. yes, it is somewhat offending to those who are truly suffering. but be careful where you direct your anger, because it IS a quiz, and it IS meant to be stereotypical. just something to think about.

  • for f--ks sake why do peple think we all gay and slit our wrists its like what hell when emos take theese emo quizes only depressed emos write scuiside note and sh-t im a romantic emo (girl) and there thought of draining our souls out of us wiv a knife ,dude thats sicker than a barbie liking Hole .

  • ok, all you people leaving angry comments need to chill out!! it's just a quiz!! dont you have better things to do instead of b----ing at the person who made it!! this quiz is based off of The Emo Song (good song btw), so instead of complaining about the quiz (which was probably made cuz the creator was bored), take your problems to Adam and Andrew: the guys who made the emo sick of people leaving bad comments everywhere!! >.<

  • Funny... this little quiz states that I'm not emo at all... I suppose I should be grateful... so... if I'm not emo... what am I..?? I have an obsession with death... I strangle little animals and dissect them while they're alive for fun... I'm constantly wishing I could bury my knife in a person's back... and I think that I just may have once or twice... it was like a dream... I like to stab people... I like to stab... stab... cut... slice... hack... mmmmmmm... so tasty... would you like me to cut you? I can fulfill all of your masochistic wishes and needs... just let me slice once... maybe twice... how deep do you want it? huh? do you like to cut yourself? why not let me do it for you? pity...

  • Oh geez. People need to stop being so sensitive. Emo is a genre of music and nothing more. It's not a way of life, people. So whoever turned "emo" into an epidemic really needs to get laid.

    So to all the alleged "emos" who are horribly insulted by this quiz, move on with your lives. Really. It's a quiz. Not an in-depth look at your personal life and whatnot. Cheer up. :)

    • Actually it's not just a genre of music it is a lifestyle. Some people are like that. We know it's just a quiz but it's insulting many people. This quiz shows the stereotypical emo, not the ones that people actually are. Most emos are actually pretty happy, wear bright colors with some darker ones, and listen to all kinds of music. Most of us don't cut, but if we do it's for an actual problem. The creator is an idiot. Life is more fun when people express themselves. That's exactly what the emos, goths, scenes, etc. do, we express ourselves. The creator is saying to change what our personalities and lives into something else so people like us, why should we care.

  • How're not emo at all! Congratulations!! keep up the good work jolly spectacular stuff :) You are free of the black abyss! yay!!!! Now just make sure you stay free of the black plague...

    I consider myself that EEENSY bit emo.

  • Shut up, lala. And why does everything have to be so straight-forward? Nothing was really me. It was near my level, but not quit. And why does everyone hate emo people? I hate how those people don't get it when it's even said to thir faces. Emo's are cool and aren't wierd, unusual or anything like that.

    Quit Stalking Me
  • if you were truly a nonconformist you would make you own style that fits only you. you are still conforming to the emo movement even if it isnt in your school.

    im not saying theres anything wrong with conforming,i just think that calling it non-conformism is a strange oxymoron.

    i guess if its just a coincidence that you like the way emo people look and dress and you dress like them , and you dont say " im a non conformist" (because by saying that you are subscribing to the movement) then you are a true non conformist also.

    i also think emos (that is , the conforming ones, part of the oxymoron movement) overreact slightly to "haters" everyone has people who hate them. lots of emos "hate" on preps, as has been demonstrated by this thread. it is another interesting facet of the style. o guess emo IS short for emotional though, so that makes slightly more sense.

    i hope no one takes offense to this...i tend to look at social groups like something to study. the reason im using

  • Well I'm not emo but it would be okay if was my boyfriend made me take the quiz which made me and all my friends laugh because i'm wearing a light blue hollister cami with a white areopostale polo and a bright pink sweater from american eagle and abercrombie jeans which loose light brown curls everyone was like yeah cuz she's emo but i don't have anything against emo my boyfriend's best friend is emo and i love that kid he borrows my clothes sometimes but we're that same size 00 and he wears a lot of black eyeliner but he's not gay and he's super nice and cool i don't like the steryotype that emos are gay and cut themselves no cool

  • Holy! I'm NOT EMO! Unlike some of you posers I actually answered the questions there is no sucj thing as being emo. Do any of you even know what emo means? All it means is guys are calling yourselves emotional...

  • I don't understand why people have to sterotype i found this quiz funny tho cause that song is kind of amusing. I don't get why people are like are insulting emos, who cares, you are who you are, you shouldnt give a s--- what other people think lol

  • Based from the song, 'Emo' is not really just being Emotional, it is adapting a cold, dark, overly sensitive, depressed, and low self-esteem character. Plus, a non-conformist semi-goth looks. It focuses more on "Fashion, Stereotype, and Criticism"
    bottom part of the page.

    1. I have no problems with how emos dress themselves. How people think of them is their problem. I just wish kids won't imitate them.

    2. I do have a problem with how emos relate. They need to understand that some people need them and is relying on them to do their part in a society.

    3. Everyone has a problem, and they are called problems because they have a solution. Instead of dwelling and being consumed with problems or emotional wounds, 'Emo' people should learn how to get over or compromise with such situations.

    4. Being overly defensive and displaying emotional disturbance or ineffective coping mechanisms catches attention and even if the people who do this denies it, it gratifies their wants.

    5. People who dress like emos - lets leave em alone,

    they're the ones wearing it, not us. Its not us who are criticized for it but them.

    People who are emotionally disturbed - we don't have to kill them or suggest that they kill themselves, if you are normal, you should try to help them instead of condemning them.

    People who label themselves emo - You know, being dark, sensitive, emotionally isolated, and insisting that no one understands you, thats just sad. Perhaps the smartest thing for you to do is seek help (professional or just opening up to people you can trust, or even in a chat room), some problems are not meant to be solved alone.

  • I like emo music and feel like an emo on the inside but look like an average joe on the outside. I'm 31 and went through the grunge stage both muscly and in dress, so I have already had my hay day. Isi it time for me to just grow up?

  • Yeah there is nothing moderate about me. and I'm not trying to be hardcore that's just the way I am. I appreciate your opinion but just because someone is emo does not necessarily mean they cut themselves I sure as hell don't. So please watch what you say because you obviously don't have even an inkling of what your talking about.

  • OMFG

    just because were emo does NOT by anymeans mean that we ALWAYS want to die, and that s---. Ill admit that some people take it overboard, but some times REAL life things happen that are bad, dont be so hard on emo kids. Im not classified EMO but i deffinently have the times. SO im SICK of these emo quizes and polls, there all stupid, were all people, no labels needed thank you b----es.

  • moderately emo

    you are moderately emo. maybe you should stop cutting yourself and realise that some people have real problems and you arent one of them. stop trying to be hardcore and enjoy life

    Dude, just cuz I like to wear black and listen to that kinda music, doesn't mean I cut myself and not enjoying my life. And I'm not calling myself emo either. xD

  • What the actual f**. I got moderately emo and it said I should stop cutting myself or whatever for attention I dont remember what t said but ur f---ing wrong Im emo because I like the music and I like the style and I am an emotional person not because I cut myself what the actual f is wrong with u and I dont even do that because I know it is bad for me plus once I accidentally did cut myself and I bled a lot and stuff happened to me and it was scary I lost my vision so no its not funny or anything I dont do that kinda stuff and u shouldnt assume I do that kinda stuff. Its not even good to joke about it thats just wrong


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