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  • At the end of the day emos are just people! Like you and me! :)

    they do not have to be deppressed or bisexual!!

    Go Emos!! You rule!
    Post this onto other emo quizes if u agree!
    Origional poster Gold_fish_guy
    plz don't hate me xx :)

  • It said i wasnt emo at all even though i am i jus dun show it.... i read all the other comments..... its true... 99.999% of my freinds are in my opinion emos, but they dont cut.... well 2 do but thats a stereotype..... some pple do need 2 lighten up.. i knw wher ur comin through but some pple dun take these quizzes 2 learn their own life.... emo's r not gays!!! that i will not let off of though... homosexuals can range n so can emo's!!!! i would mention adam lambert but he's a bad example

  • WEll yeah thats really sterotypical.... they are not gay... but some are stupid in a way no offense. But i mess around with my emo looking friends, im more emo than them... i write depressing poems. =[... but besides that i mean dont say that they are gay... if you said that outloud like in life you would proly get jumped but yeah. i have a question... uhm whats a comformist? xP

  • All emo kids shouldn't get bugged! We at least don't copy others! EMO'S RULE and ROCK!!! See how you feel non emos if you were emo, how would it be???

  • Emo is not just a genre of music, its a genre of teenager

  • seroslly tho you f**ker go jam rebar up your a$$ or I swar I will I'm emo and I'm proud many of frends are emo and so is my crush. Alls I can say is with all the emos hating you it makes me GLaD i'm not you

    bob 117
  • I don't understand why people hate emos. i mean, what the f---? Not ALL emos cut. I dont cut. Everyone can get emotional sometimes. <3 Im emo

  • Theres nothin wronge wiv emo and the guy who made this is such a louser! Im emo and proud of it! We may be depresed and we may cry and wear tite clothes.

    The stupid thing is so ofensive:'(

    Totaly emo
  • 'youre too emo for ur face. what else should i say? every emo is gay. i dont care if its the 21st century..2 or 4 dudes cant make out with each other and not be considered gay. go eat some tacos'

    wtf? im not gay ffs!!!
    u cant even spell! wtf?

    jus because we like different stuff doesnt mean we are any different to u!! i mean come on we are still people! and we do have feelings! the only difference is those feelings are stronger and we like to express this in different ways i mean u can be a happy emo and u dont have to cut either! so jus f*** up and leave us alone

    o and this is me il live my life whatever way i want to! im just being myself! and i love it! and nothin anyone can say to me is going to change that!

    yea i knew you still wouldnt understand (unless ur like me =])

  • i am a wee bit emo! i thought i was going to get not emo and i would have to change my user name again! YAY! now....i dont have to! [btw i really do feel like having tacos.... i guess ill go make some!

    ttfn! [like the new ending? it means ta ta for now=D]

  • I agree with NightAngel! To the creator of this quiz WTF! Just because we are F*****G emo does NOT MAKE US GAY! You lil F*****G HUSSY! What the hell!yeah were different, so what you are to that does NOt mean that we go hating on you for it! So YOU CAN F*****G SHOVE IT B****!

  • Chicks dig that kind of thing anyway.

  • I got moderately emo...but that was probably because i'm not gay. I don't know why everybody thinks all emos are gay!

  • kidding or not your too harsh on emos. By the way i got not an ounce of emo on the quiz so this coming from a non-emo standpoint.

  • Ok i dont like the word "emo". im not sure why people think it means "emotional" cause it doesnt...people just made that part up cause if u look at me ud probly call me not i just dress differently...

  • Wow this is so stupid and very insulting and a lode of s--t

    Emo Girl 12
  • I agree with every emo kid who posted a comment here and I think I hate ya!

  • Every Emo quiz I've taken says I'm Emo 'cept fer this one.

    My friend says I'm the Emo kid of the month.

    I Hate Dragonforce Haters
  • what do you know about emo. You know nothing the fact that you have this website tells me.. hahaha POSERS

  • whats really messed up about all of these results is that helf the people that take this don't even answer correctly, they're just doing this cuz they're bored and have nothing better to do. so whoever made this quiz f--- up!

  • fuk wt people say - yooh duno what some of us go through - us emos dat is - dunt yooh get it we have a real problem ere and yooh taking the pi*s out of us doesnt help atall people can be what they want to be juss like saying all townies have mental issues - go take da mick out off sum1 else not people with problems u myt as well be mean to kids with learnin disabilitys - yeah not nice huh - well dats how us emos feel

    dark and depressed
  • all this s--t is crazy. u people need to stop makin fun of us. we have feelings!!! it doesnt matter what that freakin quiz says.. we know were emo. if you're emo u'll kno it, sos we dont need a stupid quiz to tell us we aint. emos stick together regardless. ima gonna cut & cry for weeks now so thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moderate emo

  • dear xxEMILYxx if ur not emo y did u even bother going online and saying and y do you have x's in ur name to on each side and y do u dress like it if u really are who you say u are than u dont have to prove nothing to nobody unless u just f'n fell like it. but why did u even bother cause to me from what i see u are

  • ipromise007 if you want evidence type in on YouTube "Why My Chemical Romance is NOT a suicide cult!!!!!!" and they say quite a few times their opinions about Emo's. [no urls]?v=mR5-AIpmPdk


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