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  • I love theses quizzese

    xxvipersixx Mar 4 '18, 10:42AM
  • i love theses quizzes

    xxvipersixx Mar 4 '18, 10:41AM
  • A wee bit emo. Dammit failed punk

    KhiraKhaos Apr 27 '16, 4:56PM
  • 91 percent too emo for your face lets go eat tacos and i agree with you mistreatedmisfit people dont understand just bcause i wear black doesnt mean im gothic ill admit it im emo ive been bullied all my life by my family for it ive been abused by my grandma my mom left me and never came back but i still try to smile i like colors people will never understand thi quiz was sterotypical bulls---

    gothicsuzanna Mar 23 '16, 12:03PM
  • i too emo for my face cool right yeah

    Demigod123 Feb 27 '16, 10:42PM
  • Yeah there is nothing moderate about me. and I'm not trying to be hardcore that's just the way I am. I appreciate your opinion but just because someone is emo does not necessarily mean they cut themselves I sure as hell don't. So please watch what you say because you obviously don't have even an inkling of what your talking about.

    Brikray1 Jan 17 '16, 10:13PM
  • I'm misunderstood but this isn't funny not all emos write suicide notes and being emo is nothing to be ashamed of better than being like everyone else who wears practically underwear in public and listens to terrible music about things like how your bf gf broke up with you or ur gonna go party

    MyChemicalBrenod Jan 11 '16, 6:20PM
  • Wow, im "too emo for my face"
    Good thing my excessive amount of eyeliner holds it in.
    You know, your rather annoying. I know I'm emo, but (except on the Internet) I tell everyone one that im not....even though the way I dress/ the music I listen to is steriotypically emo.
    This quiz was annoying. "Real emos" do not cry over problems that don't exist. Real emos are people who care to much for others and it just gets too much.
    Good try though, bruh....

    Sammy_Holmes Sep 6 '15, 6:46AM
  • lol dead on i'm emo. i really could not care less. i do have problems though and posers really pi$$ me off.

    IngridWinchester May 5 '15, 5:14AM
  • So much hate....

    TheLoveOfBands Jan 14 '15, 7:03PM
  • wow you guys are really pi**ed off

    MissBabyGirl Aug 10 '14, 12:07AM
  • im not emo lol or nothing but im a pretty hot athletic girl and emo boys turn me on

    MissBabyGirl Aug 9 '14, 11:56PM
  • Moderately...

    AcidWolf Jul 30 '14, 12:40PM
  • I think I've taken this before and I took it again out of boredom. I like how you act that you know who I am and what my problems are. I also like how you mock self harm. You obviously have never done it, being able to make fun of it like that. May you never sink that low. Please, do tell me, what do you classify as "real problems"? I know you just made this to stir up drama and get attention. Well, congrats. You've done just that. I could care less of what you think of me. Emos are pretty misunderstood. It's the posers who act all obnoxious, but the real ones are actually pretty awesome people in general. Normally I wouldn't waste my time commenting on crap like this, but I was feeling kind of talkative. So, have fun pissing people off, you troll.

    Firey_Soul Dec 30 '13, 7:32PM
  • What the hell - I am emo and you can't just say -get over your problems and enjoy life. I'm 13 and already so far I have seen my mum be paralysed and die both sets of grandparents die, my mums family disown me, my dad abuse me,be bullied in school and numerous other things, you don't know s---.

    Emo_lov3r Sep 15 '13, 7:11PM
  • The Normal Quiz:
    1. Do you have kinda straight blonde or brown hair?
    A: Yes
    2. Do you wear pink all the time?
    A: Yes
    3. Have you ever frowned?
    A: No
    4. What sports do you like?
    A: Cheer and pom. Softball is okay.
    5. Are you popular, snobby, and loud?
    A: Yes
    6. What is your favorite music?
    A: 1D, BTR, and whatever cr@p unicorns barf!!!
    7. What are your grades?
    A: B. They're pretty normal.
    8. And most importantly, are you afraid of things you don't understand and therefore must ridicule anything different?
    A: I'm too blonde to understand any of that, but you said 'normal', so yes!

    Congratulat ions! If you answered all of these questions correctly, you are exactly like every "normal" person on Earth!

    X_Jay_X Jul 14 '13, 11:12PM
  • not emo! never thought I was lol

    AlexTheCat Jan 14 '13, 10:40PM
  • oh i forgot yes i have kissed one of the same gender. and that was just cause she found my glasses and she is very dear to me! and she is not even in my family.

    puppals1 Nov 4 '12, 12:36PM
  • not emo! i am a little gothic though... like, once i painted my toe nails gray with gray sparkle. LOL. i like emos, i get along with them and understand them. plus i am wearing all black and gray right now. and i have totally stylish goth\emo fingernails right now. lol i am not sure cause one fingers red next is yellow, next finger is green, then next one is blue and next is purple. awesome right? i agree. emo people are not depressed and all that. i am emo\gothic\nerd\gee k\winner of a spelling bee once. emos don't have to wear black. as told you, i understand them.

    puppals1 Nov 4 '12, 12:35PM
  • f--- yeah I'm emo!! How could you go around insulting emo people? How would you feel if I started insulting you since your not? Gosh, you should be glad I don't know where you are, cuz If i did, I'd slap you so hard, your head would turn a full 360!

    Ashl3y Oct 11 '12, 7:01PM
  • were fu***n proud to be da** emo bit** and yes im dam* emo i try to be freakin happy ba****** i try not to be like this not all emo ppl have black hair and that dam* parted over. im insulted by THIS FUC**** QUIZ! BIT**. i do cut my self and its not funny so shut the fuc* up dam* bast***ly bit**

    wolf75677 Sep 15 '12, 9:55PM
  • This is total bulls---! True Emos don't tell strangers they are emo, only people they can trust and know they won't judge. The Emos, Scene, and Goths (I am one of the last true Goths) DO have real problems and not all of us cut! I'd say watching your uncle die slowly for two years in a hospital bed at 29y.o is a real problem, being made fun of in school because of your ex-bestfriend, is a problem... I lived through that. We like colors; we smile and laugh. And yes, people don't get us,we think differently because something, MADE us think differently. We are not monsters as others think us to be. If you ever friend us, we will not betray you, we will try and help any way we can.
    Ever since the Emo s--- went mainstream people are juding us more and more because these posers like to be the center of attention! This. Is. Not. Emo!

    MistreatedMisfit Sep 3 '12, 10:18AM

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