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  • WOOHOO I GOT SLYTHERIN!!!! Wow I wanted Slytherin, but the way how this quiz was, I was pretty sure I was gonna get Ravenclaw. But I was totally wrong cuz I wasnt even close to getting any house other than Slytherin. The description totally sounded like me. I am sly, ambitious, and witty. Well that's what everyone says I am. And another awesome thign about me being in Slytherin is that I'm in the same house as Draco(a.k.a. best HP character).

  • Ravenclaw. Of course. Also, I'm quite happy that you realize not everyone in Slytherin is evil. :D

  • eh, Slytherin's not SOOOO bad. I prefer Ravenclaw. The only bad part is I'm in the same house as Draco and I HATE him.

  • Ravenclaw(:


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