The Hard Horse Quiz

There are many smart horse lovers in the world, but very few true geniuses. Horses are trustworthy animals and many people just regard them as a servant to man kind, but if you take this quiz you may find that a horse is more than just an animal.

Are you a true horse lover? Do you love horses with all your heart? Well, if you pass this quiz then you may be one of the best horse lover in the world, this quiz is a brilliant way to see how much you know, and care about horses.

Created by: Zephyr

  1. What breed of horse do they use at The Spanish Riding school in Vienna??
  2. What is the first step to grooming a horse ?
  3. Which is not a real horse coat colour?
  4. What is a horses natural instinct??
  5. Which breed of horse can only be black
  6. How many bones do horses have?
  7. What is the art of horse riding called??
  8. What does AHSA stand for??
  9. How many beats are there in a gallop??
  10. What is Hippology??

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