The Guardian: Part 2

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Welcome to the second part of this story, sorry it took me so long. ( an hour, xD) the point is, I'm sorry, people. Anyway, hopefully you enjoy this part.

Oh I'm a gummy bear, yes I'm a gummy bear... ( lots of lyrics I forgot) gummy (gummy) gummy (gummy) gummy bear. Gummy (gummy) gummy (gummy) gummy bear, oh yeah.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***The Next Morning***A melodious chirp flew through my window, the noise just loud enough to awake me, but not overwhelmingly loud. " Hello to you too, birdie." I laughed, slinking over to the window with a pleased smile as I spotted the bird from yesterday, carefully nestled on a branch overhanging the window. "Angelica, Louis told me to let you know that we have only twenty minutes until we must leave for school." Castiel said, walking into the room with a smile as he spotted the bird.
  2. "Is that the bird from yesterday?" he asked, giving the birds chest a small rub as he took a seat by me at the window sill. "Yes. It's such a sweet bird." I grinned, giving his shoulder a small squeeze before standing up to look for a fresh outfit. "Yes. It is. I'll see you downstairs." he sighed, giving me a quick embrace before leaving the room. I quickly tugged on a cute white dress, that was laced at the top, causing it to tightly fit my curves well, the dress reaching a few inches above my knees. Pleased with the dress, I gave a small spin, smiling as the dress billowed out at the ends, giving it a parasol effect.
  3. "Goodbye, birdie." I whispered to the bird, sauntering off to find Castiel, who was running a comb through his hair, giving it a small shake as it fell over his eyes. "You look great." he smiled, pulling me into a gentle hug, our faces inches apart. "We shouldn't." I whispered, putting my fingertips against his chest, his breaths getting louder as he gave a nod. "You're right. I mean, we're on a mission. We need to focus on Blaze, our calling, for now." he sighed, pulling away with a sad frown. "Don't frown like that, Castiel." I whispered, sighing as I gave him a gentle peck on the cheek before scurrying off to finish reviewing my plans for the day.
  4. Yeah. I had a plan, a brilliant one at that. Castiel and I had decided to take our spots in the popular crowd, which couldn't be too hard. Once we did that, I would shamelessly act interested in Blaze, Castiel acting like a friend of mine and getting Blaze to ask me out. Once we went out on what I was told, is called a date, I'd insist he come over here. Once he did that, Castiel and I would tell him the truth.
  5. "Angelica! Castiel! Time to go!" Louis shouted, he and Zach waiting for us at the front door with worried smiles on their faces. "You two ready for this?" he asked us, looking specifically at me as I gave a vigorous nod. " Ready as I'll ever be." Castiel shrugged, the guys exchanging high-fives before we went outside. " Angelica, I'm just warning you ahead of time, so you don't get nervous, but, being a Guardian, many people will ambush you because of your looks. As long as you just give polite smiles and ignore them, you should be fine." Zach explained, Castiel arching his brow as he gave a hurt look. "Where's my warning?" he asked, a laugh escaping my throat as Zach gave a shrug. "Sorry, all out of those. I was about to give her a kiss on the cheek, If you'd rather have that." he said. Castiel immediately turning red as he looked in disgust.
  6. "Dude, I was just teasing you. You aren't lucky enough to get a kiss from these lips." Zach laughed, giving a wink as we boarded what they said was called a bus. " Yeah, yeah. If I wanted a kiss from you, I'd get it." Castiel chuckled, taking a seat beside me and Zach, Louis sitting across the aisle. "Confident much?" "Conceited much?" Castiel shot back, making Zach blush deeply. "Yes, very. I'm like a freaking Roman emperor, hot and strong." Zach said, giving me a wink that made me laugh lightly. "You? A Roman Emperor?" Louis snorted, a kid across from us giving a laugh.
  7. A few minutes later, we arrived at a pair of cast iron gates, the metal freshly painted a luxurious black, a big white building inside the enclosed area. As the bus came to a halt, the driver insisted we step off, a huge crowd of kids running off quickly. " Castiel, is this place lovely or what?" I asked, pointing at a huge layering of foliage filled with red roses that were lined in a coverage of Ivy. "The plants are lovely, but have you even looked over at the school?" he asked, directing me to a large white building lined in pearly white crown molding, the entrance a large pair of glass doors carefully adorned with a set of knobs that seemed to shine brightly. "Woah." I gasped in awe, Zach and Louis laughing at our reactions, pulling us in with smiles.
  8. Inside was glorious. The floors were covered in lovely white tiles lined with small pearls strapped down to each one, the pearls firmly attached. The walls, a creamy white was covered in trophies and pictures from past years students, the children in the pictures all smiling proudly, as if to say ' Ha. We are so much better than you.'. "This place is amazing." I said, a sharp laugh startling me, the laugh coming from behind me. "You like this dump?" a feminine girl snarled, placing her hands to her hips as she gave a horrid giggle. " Dump? I find this place quite lovely." I said, crinkling my brows as she rolled her eyes. " You're such a blonde." she sighed. "So are you." I said, pointing at her hair, which indeed, was a dull platinum blonde, the colors bland and the strands stringy.
  9. " Oh shut up. This place is nothing compared to my house. It makes this place look like a sunken boat." she bragged, flipping her hair as her eyes landed on the guys. " Well then, why don't you go sink with it, then?" I asked with a sigh, her green eyes glaring into mine before she walked over to the boys with an odd smile, placing her hands onto her hip with a laugh. " Why are you all hanging out with this snob?" she asked them, Castiel glaring at her as he replied flatly. "Go on, witch."
  10. Wide eyed, she sputtered angrily, turning to face me with a sharp glare. "You. I will ruin your life, you little privileged princess. Just you wait." she snarled, stalking away with a frown on her face. "Are you okay, Angelica?" Castiel asked, gently resting his hands on my shoulders, giving my back a comforting rub as I gave a nod. "Don't worry, I can handle her." I assured him, Louis giving a small laugh. "Angelica, that's not just any mortal. She's Rebecca Gold, the toughest girl here. Not to mention the most popular as well." he said, him and the guys walking with me as we headed to class. " Angelica has more than one gift, if you know what I mean. She has multiple ones, all very useful." Castiel informed them, their brows arching as they cocked their heads to the side.
  11. *** LunchTime***The day had been pretty crazy, multiple people fawning over how beautiful i looked or how much nicer I was than Rebecca, my head spinning as I spotted him. Blaze. I quickly sauntered over to Castiel, giving a subtle nod in Blazes direction, Castiel nodding as he gave a small smile. He led me over to a table, a tray of nachos placed in his hands as all eyes fell on me. "Who's that?" I heard a male voice whisper. "The new girl, Angelica Winters." I heard another guy tell the first guy. "Think I should talk to her?" he asked, lowering his voice even lower than it was. "You should. She's smoking hot." the second guy said, my face burning as I realized I'd been using my powers, not actually hearing them aloud. "Angelica, you have to try these nachos." Castiel insisted, shoving a nacho near my face, the cheese dip dripping down to my dress, staining the silky cloth instantly. "Dude!" I whined, a small cough making me turn around. "Here." Blaze said, handing me a stack of napkins with a smile on his face, Castiel trying not to look jealous.
  12. "Thanks." I smiled, taking the napkins from him and gently dabbing the end of my dress where the cheese sauce had dripped. "No problem. Mind if I sit with you guys?" he asked, Castiel giving a shrug as we scooted over far enough for Blaze to sit beside me. "Nice to meet you, I'm Blaze." he said, sticking his hand out to shake both of our hands with a polite smile on his face. "I'm Angelica, and this is my friend, Castiel." I replied, smiling as he blushed profusely, trying hard not to look away from me, but at the same time, trying not to look up at me.
  13. "Nice to meet you Angelica and Castiel. Angelica, do you mind if I speak to you, alone?" he asked, taking my hand in his, Castiel giving a small nod as he took me out of the lunchroom and into a small closet.
  14. "Angelica, I know we literally just met, but I don't want to miss my chance to ask you before someone else does. Would you go out with me?" he asked, looking me straight in the eyes, so much compassion in them as I gave him a smile. " Of course." I said, his face lighting up as he pulled me into a tight embrace, gently pulling back and taking my face into his palms. "You have made me the happiest guy ever." he whispered, leaning over closely, pressing his lips against mine, mine moving in a similar motion, closely in sync with his as he pulled me closer to him.
  15. "Maybe we should go back to lunch before somebody walks in here." I suggested, smiling as he gave me one last kiss. "Sure." he said L, just as the door swung open, revealing....
  16. Cliffhanger!!

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