The GoToQuiz Test

GoToQuiz is a popular quiz making site. What is GoToQuiz about? A better kind of quiz making site: no pop-up ads, only high quality quizzes. GoToQuiz has over thousands of daily unique visitors.

How well do you know about GoToQuiz? A thing or two? Or most of the things? Take this fun-filled GoToQuiz test and find out your knowledge on GoToQuiz.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. What is GoToQuiz?
  2. Who created GoToQuiz?
  3. Several small icons used by GoToQuiz are from...
  4. When was originally the domain of GoToQuiz was made accessible?
  5. From which site the domain name, GoToQuiz, was taken?
  6. What is GoToQuiz's Alexa rank? (26th January)
  7. How many images are there in GoToQuiz?
  8. GoToQuiz was made with Apache. True or false?
  9. Where does the creator of GoToQuiz lives?
  10. What is the server location of GoToQuiz?

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