The Final Dawn Part 2

This is the second part of The Final Dawn. One of the people isn't a result you'll know who he is when you get to that part so yeah. That is it.

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Created by: Kunai

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  1. Saka turns around, his expression full of longing. He walks back to you and kisses you like he will die without this one kiss. Abruptly he pulls back and says "I can't, my brother is Chandler I can't love you." Saka turns again and walks out the door. Brothers? How could that be? They looked nothing alike. Suddenly you have a flashback...its of you and Chandler sitting on thrones and him explaining why he is.purple. "_____, I am purple cuz my mother picked that as my color as I was born. Saka got black and my little sister got white." You reply "So its all your moms fault. Interesting." The flashback is over and you are back in your own room. Trace walks in then, sees you and smiles. "Thought you would have been gone by now." You glare and then show him the picture of the future. "I would rather not go right now." He smiles looking sorry and its just so cute! "You better change so Saka doesn't kill you for showing up in that," be says and exits. Crap! If you didn't go see your mom you had to stay and have dinner.
  2. You change quickly into some jeans and a t-shirt. Right as you are heading downstairs you run smack into a new guy. So of course you scream. "Who are you?" The new dude turns and smiles at you "I'm Dallas Chandler's head chivalry man." Well he is one fine dude, brown hair, hazel eyes and a playing smile. "You know who I am right," you say walking down the stairs with him. Dallas nods a grin breaking his face as we sit down. The maid brings out a lovely omelette for you and you eat it right up. You look over at Saka and Trace both are giving you dirty looks. Raising an eyebrow you mouth to Trace "What's wrong?" All he does is start whispering to Saka. When did they become buddy buddy?
  3. You wait until dinner is over before cornering Trace. "What is up? Tracey." Trace smiles nervously and whispers "Um...nothing. J-just walking around." Laughing you say "Trace, I think your lieing, What were you and Saka whispering about!?" He tries to teleport but you grab him and come to the same place as him. "Okay, I can tell you here. Saka and I were planning to ditch that Dallas guy, he's BAD news." You roll your eyes, Dallas is so sweet, how could he be BAD news? "I'm not in. I think he's good." Trace shrugs and teleports you back home in your room. Right as he leaves he brushes his lip against your cheek and vanishes. You really are starting to hate that. You climb in bed and have yet another flashback...this time its with Dallas. He looks you straight in the eye. "Well ______, I'm only here to kill you and your buddies. Chandler, Saka, and that fool Trace. Hope you enjoy death!" he says and pulls out a sword. You scream and scream until the flashback is over.
  4. When you finally awaken in the morning Chandler is standing over you. "______, we are leaving. Dallas tried to kill Saka last night so we killed him. Come on," he says helping you up. "K. Get out while I get dressed." He smirked and planted himself right in the middle of the room, Not Moving. "I'm your husband, I've seen you get dressed before." Oh my gosh, he just didn't get the fact that I couldn't remember enough to remember that. "Just get out!" you say remarkably calm. Chandler looks like he's thinking than shakes his head. "Fine I'll get dressed in the bathroom" you mutter and grab some clothes. YOu come out all dressed and stuff and walk out with Chandler's arm around your shoulders. Saka is frantically running around packing thing but when he see's you he stops and glares. Some things never change. Ever.
  5. While Saka glares at you the door explodes from your room. "Guys! Lets GO!" Trace yells from the ceiling as he teleports quickly to stay up there. You run outside and into the car taking the drivers seat. "Which button to fly you ask Saka who is sitting next to you. He points it out as the stereo button and you fly out of there with everyone in the car.
  6. Trace looks up at you and says "I think I can teleport a whole car..." Chandler reads Trace's thoughts and gasps "You wouldn't dare Trace." Saka looks left out and you start feeling out of the loop to. "What?" Saka finally asks. "Trace thinks he should take you, Saka, to kill the invaders with your power." Saka thinks for a moment...I remember his power all to well. Making people feel pain with his mind. Eeps. He nods and Trace grabs him and they both vanish. Leaving you hovering in the air with Chandler. Chandler smiles and you. "Well well. We are alone" he says climbing into the front seat. "I really hope Saka lands on you when he reappears." you say happy like. He laughs and leans into you. "Trace can see where he is going enough not to land on me."
  7. You scoff and turn on the radio (not the stereo!) to 106.3 FM and E.T. by Katy Perry blasts around the car drowning out Chandler's next words. He glares and turns it off. "Listen to me! I love matter what I will make you get your memory back so you will love me to." You look at him and say pleasantly "What if I was pretending back then too?" (IF you like Chandler ignore this convo) "You werent. I could read your mind then too. It was only 3 years ago." (CHANDLER LOVERS CAN READ AGAIN)Right then Saka and Trace land in the back seat, both have smoke coming off of them but they are both laughing. "Why the heck are you laughing?" you ask them as if they are insane. "That was awesome!" Trace yells and then says quieter "You might want to go we didn't get all of them." That was enough to make you start moving again. Saka looks at you for a moment then smiles and says while plugging Chandler's ears "Trace loves you!"
  8. Trace grins at you and then Chandler explodes "WHAT?" You are speechless as Trace and Chandler start having a mental conversation. Trace burst out laughing and then smiles at you like he won something. Chandler looks difflated "What? What am I missing?" you ask looking between them and the road/sky. "I told him he could have you..." Chandler chokes out before he grabs Trace and they disappear. Saka looks smug before he gets a pained expression at being with you all alone. "What?" he asks and then grows silent when you do not answer.
  9. Finally you say "Saka, what if I didn't want to be with either of them...I WANT YOU!" He looks startled and then says quietly "You must be with either of those two or not with anyone." Feeling the urge to kick him you control yourself and focus on driving until you land on the road and begin a steady drive to a hotel. "Why?" you ask as you pull in to a parking lot. "Because I will hurt you if you are with me. My power gets out of control." You look at him and smile "Maybe just maybe you could control it for me?" Saka shakes his head and climbs out heading inside the hotel...CLIFFHANGER!
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