The Duggar Family

Someone who is able to solve complex problems is classified as a genius. If you are a Duggar fan than this is the correct quiz for you to become a genius in!

Do you have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title? We will find out if you have the brains in a couple of seconds, but don't worry you'll do fine!

Created by: Kenzie
  1. What is "Jim Bob" Duggar's real name?
  2. What is Grandma Duggar's real name?
  3. Jurisdictions are like:
  4. What are the two sets of twins?
  5. How many children did Michelle Duggar miscarry?
  6. How much did Josie weigh at birth?
  7. The Duggars are ________ Christians. Fill in the blank.
  8. How many times did Michelle have pre-eclampsia?
  9. What day was Josie born on?
  10. What is Jordyn's full name?
  11. What is Amy Duggar's middle and last name?

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