How well do you know the Duggar family?

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The Duggars are a family with 19 children living in Arkansas, USA. They have a show called "19 kids and counting". This quiz will cover some Duggar facts to see how much you know about the Duggars.

So, how much do YOU know about the Duggars? I want to see high marks, because to take this quiz you must be a fan! This quiz will give you your Duggar fan(ness?) in a percentage. Good luck!

Created by: Cara Evans

  1. Who is the oldest child of Jim Bob and Michelle?
  2. Who is child number 14?
  3. How many members of the Duggar family have the name "James" in their full name?
  4. What is Jessa's middle name?
  5. How many daughters do Jim Bob and Michelle have?
  6. What is the name of Jim Bob and Michelle's stillborn daughter, born after Josie?
  7. What is the name of Josh and Anna's third child, and when was he born?
  8. What eye colour do all the Duggars have?
  9. What is the name of Jim Bob's mother, who lives with the family?
  10. How many children did the Duggars have when they first appeared on television?
  11. When is Johannah's birthday?
  12. What is Derick Dillard's middle name?
  13. How many years are there (minus 8 days) between Jordyn and Josie?
  14. What middle name do the twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah share?
  15. When placed in age order, who is the only Duggar child with at least two members of the opposite gender either side?
  16. What name were the Duggars going to name their 15th child, before changing their mind to Jackson Levi?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Duggar family?