Friends and Family!

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Do you really matter? Look in the mirror! This accurate test will prepare you for your future! Your friends and family are watching you and your legacy is at stake!

There is no need for a pen and paper! Test and see how you rate with your friends and family! It is not too late to change your ways or improve on them!

Created by: Annie

  1. How many times have you been swimming with your friends or family?
  2. Have you ever avoided family or friends?
  3. What animal reminds you of your best friend?
  4. What insect reminds you of your family?
  5. Pick something you would hate to leave behind on vacation.
  6. Sunset on a beach and you are:
  7. It's 6 a.m., what are you doing?
  8. Pick your favorite color:
  9. If lost, would you:
  10. If you were a twin, would you like yourself?

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