family or friends?

there are people that like different things, all sorts but I wanted to know family or friends I know which one I like more but what about you do you know who if not this may help you decide.

can you prove to your family or friends that you know? can you prove to them that they are important? that they are your life, and you couldn't live without them take this quiz and you will have all of the prove you need!

Created by: Daisy

  1. if you got an invitation for your friends party and a member of your family's party is on the same day which would you chose to go to?
  2. if your brother/sister was about to get run over and so was your friend, who would you save?
  3. if you had to chose out of your family or friends who would you like more?
  4. would you die for your family or anyone in it?
  5. would you die for a friend or friends?
  6. do you think that pets are in the family too or just friends?
  7. what would be your perfect friend?
  8. if a family member was in hospital would you go and see them or play with a friend?
  9. are you ready for your answer?
  10. did you know that this question and the other one had no effect?
  11. ok do family and friends mean a lot to you?( this question counts and its the last one)

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