Which Cotton Kid Are You?

Have you met the Cotton family, well if you havent we are a family that has funny moments. In this house there is constant fighting and always people trying to show there rank and hit people back till theyre even.

We sometimes gather around and make fun of each other about certain things that happen. All of has had friends over except for Chalona. Well prepare to know which Cotton kid you are after you take this 2 minute quiz

Created by: Raymond

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  1. If you see a pile of dishes in the sink, you..
  2. Your dad asks you who wants to go to the park, you say..
  3. Your house is on fire, you get..
  4. You have cable for a day, you watch
  5. Its the morning, you eat
  6. You're bored, you play/watch
  7. You go to walmart, you..
  8. You are listening to
  9. Your going out, you put on..
  10. Around the house, you'd prefer to wear..

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Quiz topic: Which Cotton Kid am I?