WWYFF: The Secret Passage #1

Hi! This is my very first WWYFF quiz, so don't actually put your hopes up for it. It's in the setting of a cotton field right before the Civil War. I really hope you like it!

So, in this story, you are a 14 year old girl working for your master, Will Sipling Joust, in a cotton field. You were born a slave, but your parents ran away, were found, and were beaten until their death. You sister had died from insufficient blood, from being whipped. Now you are alone.

Created by: Layla

  1. In the rows and rows of cotton, you feel lost. The only things you have for company are a chipmunk named Chester, and a butterfly name Flutter.
  2. As you work, you feel the heat pounding on your back, but you try to concentrate even more. One caterpillar missed and you'll be having it for dinner tonight.
  3. As you finish your last row, your master comes up to you and shows you a caterpillar. "You'll be seeing this on your dinner plate!," he says.
  4. You run desperately to your slave house and hide in your blankets. You couldn't bear the taste of raw caterpillar, and you certainly didn't want it again.
  5. Chester and Flutter come to you as the dinner bell rings. In their own languages, they explain that it's alright. You seem to understand them, and they understand you.
  6. You walk up to your place at the table, but there was no caterpillar. You look at your master, who saw you look down at your plate. "That wretched caterpillar escaped!" he yelled. The table was silent.
  7. You eat hungrily and almost ask for seconds, but you remembered what happened to your older sister when she did. She got whipped so badly, she lost a lot of blood, and died of insufficient blood.
  8. You slept as soon as dinner was over, for you had to get up tomorrow at 4. Instead, Chester nudges you awake at 2 o' clock. You see a lantern light outside and CUT!
  9. Will ya rate this?
  10. Comment please if you have any suggestions for when to post my next part.

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