The DownFall: Part 6

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Hey guys! Welcome to part six! So, I know this sounds a little silly, but what would you guys think if I let my characters from my other story 'If I didn't know any better...' meet these characters?

^ It wouldn't really be much, but I think it would still be cool. Like, if I let the main character from the other series meet Cash, and work from there, it could be cool. You're opinion now doesn't matter. My minds made up.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. . Way to just leave me all alone. By myself. In a new school. Wow. Sweet boys. I gave a frustrated sigh, sashaying around, totally lost, a small cough scaring me half to death. "First day?" a voice asked. "Um, yeah." I said, turning to face the hottest guy I'd ever seen. He looked like Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron and Shawn Mendes all mixed together., and let me just say this... He was smoking hot. "Here. Let me see your schedule." he said in a smooth voice, taking my schedule into his hands. "Oh nice. We have the first three classes together, so I can just escort you there." he grinned, motioning for me to follow.
  2. Quickly scurrying after him, I gave a timid smile as he noticed my burned wrists. " How did that happen?" he asked as we continued to walk. "Oh, um. My ex." I shrugged, his eyes narrowing as he stopped walking, gently grabbing a hold of my arm. "What? Was he psycho?" he asked, running his fingertips down my arm as he studied the burns. "I guess you could say that." I murmured, stiffening up as he gave a worried frown. "Oh. Maybe we can talk about it after school? Or else, we'll be late." he said. "Uh. Sure, that should be fine." I said, following him into a nearby classroom.
  3. Once we entered, the teacher, a short gray haired man turned to face us, giving a frown as all the guys in the classroom stared at me in awe. " Mr. Lexington, you're late." he growled angrily, turning to face me. "And you must be Miss Ramirez. You're late as well, not to mention breaking the dress code." he snarled. " As I told the secretary, it's either I wear this, or I strut around in my birthday suit. I'm guessing you'd like your students to focus on you, so if you don't mind, bug off." I said sweetly, the guys staring excitedly while the few girls there glared angrily. "Miss Ramirez, take a seat. See me after class." he huffed. "You are aware that that sounded rather naughty, right?" I asked, his face reddening as he glared furiously. "Take your seat. NOW!" he shouted, his jaw clenching. "Geez. You could have just said that in the first place." I grinned, taking a seat by the boy from the hall, who was smirking excitedly.
  4. We sat there, silently pretending to listen to the teacher, Mr Goss, who was droning on about the correct way to punctuate a sentence, since some of the students didn't know how. "Hey, gorgeous. That was pretty smokin how you showed Mr Goss who's boss.," a guy behind me said. I quickly spun around to face him, blushing furiously as I was face to face with a super hot guy. " Ashley Ramirez, turn around." Mr Goss growled, making me blush harder. "Whatever." I groaned, turning to face him, my face burning as he walked over with a deep frown. "Miss Ramirez, I'm giving you detention." he said, handing me a slip of paper. "What is it with you teachers? Putting me in a room to be bored stiff. Jokes on you. I'll just take a nap." I grumbled, the boy from earlier today laughing. "Angelo Lexington, detention for you as well." he yelled, suddenly all of the guys in the room laughing, TRYING to get detention. "Ashley Ramirez. I want you out of my class room right now." the teacher snarled, dragging me out to the hall.
  5. Silence. You ever been all alone? If you haven't trust me, it's boring. I slumped down against a wall, the cold breeze of air hitting me as a door opened, making me shiver. "He kicked us out too." a voice laughed, sounding glad to be out in the hall. "Oh? What did you two do? Rob a bank? Cuss him out? No, I know! You told him how lame his bow tie looked." I said sarcastically, a melodious laughter freezing my heart.
  6. Angelo and the other guy came up beside me, taking a seat on each side of me with a warm smile on their faces. "Actually, once you left the room, alot of the guys started to throw a fit, so he threw both of us out because we were the 'ring leaders' in his eyes." the other boy explained, laughing as I stuck out my tongue teasingly. "Yay. I feel so special." I chuckled, a loud cough scaring me to death. "Angelo, babe. Mr Goss said if you can behave, you can come back in the room." a high pitched voice said. I turned around to face a short brunette with a spray on tan and too much makeup. "Clairessa, don't call me babe. We haven't dated since eighth grade, so go ahead and tell him I said thanks but no thanks." Angelo said, a look of disgust creeping up his face.
  7. "Babe! Don't be that way." she whined, stomping her feet angrily. Angelo gave a furious growl, and I felt so bad for him. I raised my brow, standing up to stand in front of her.I bent down low enough to look her in the eyes, since I was much taller than her, and gave an overly sweet smile. "Listen, Snooki. He's already told you to go, so why don't you go back to that Cheetos factory you came from and get lost? " I said, watching her face go red, her eye twitching as she tried to stay calm. "You're just jealous!" she hissed, pushing me away. " I'm jealous of a life sized Cheeto? Ha. As if." I smirked, ready to take a seat, but she just laughed. "Yeah. You're just jealous because I dated Angelo and you haven't." she smirked, eyeing me carefully as I walked back over to her. "Oh hush, Cheeto. I don't give a -" I started, two sets of hands quickly grabbing each of my arms. I turned my head to the side, realizing I'd practically crash tackled her, and the boys were trying to get me off.
  8. " Ash, jeez, you're such a ninja." mystery guy said, Angelo giving a nod of agreement. " Oh, um... Uhm. Oopsies?" I shrugged, pulling away from there grasp and sitting back by the wall. " Ash? That's your name? Well guess what, Ash? I'm going to make your life a living hell!" Clairessa hissed , pulling herself to her feet. " Snookie, guess you better tell the Devil 'hey' for me then. Now, bye Felicia." I smiled sweetly, giving a cutesy wave that even disgusted me. "Just you wait Ash. Just you wait.," she growled, walking back into the classroom.
  9. "Oh god, chickey. That was hot! The two best looking girls here having a cat fight? Yasss." the one guy said, giving a flirty smile. " She's the other best looking girl here? That Cheeto? This place has low standards." I laughed, watching them sit back beside me. "Ash, I agree with Brandon. About it being awesome. That was insane. I owe you, like, a million dollars for that." Angelo said, giving a cute smile. "Eh, I accept cash or check, though I don't have much use for that much money." I teased, watching as he began to blush deeply. " Who WOULDN'T want a million bucks?!" Brandon asked in shock, leaning so close I could feel his breath on the side of my face. " Me, I guess. I've never really been much on money. It's just not my thing." I shrugged, forcing a tight smile as I tried to keep calm.
  10. "Speaking of that, you might as well tell me what happened to your wrists, since we're just sitting here." Angelo said, obviously a little disgusted as Brandon scooted closer to me, our legs touching. " I already told you it was just my crazy ex." I sighed, digging my nails into my palm, a nervous habit I'd just recently developed. "Oh come on. Details, child. Details.," he insisted. "Fine. You're such a dad." I huffed, crossing my arms defiantly, twisting my body to face him better.
  11. "My Ex, Cash, and I met when I was like, a lot younger, when I was going through a lot of problems and stuff. I lost my mom that year, and he was new to school, and he'd lost his parents too, so we bonded over it. We went out for a year, before I started getting more depressed, taking up cutting. It upset him a lot, causing him to lose whatever respect he'd had for me. He began to get a little abusive, hitting me all the time. A while later, he took me to meet his brother, and that's what caused him to really try to kill me. But, it's all good now, I haven't seen him for a couple days, so I should be fine." I shrugged, watching them stare in shock. "That's..... A little crazy. I mean, you shouldn't have took up cutting. That was stupid. But, still... He's crazy." Angelo muttered, taking my hand in his.
  12. "I know. I know it was stupid, but... But I quit. I really did. I haven't done it in a long time. I just... Um, I need to go. Bye." I sniffed, tears rolling down my cheeks as I scurried off down the hall. "Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" I muttered under my breath, scolding myself for crying infront of two really hot guys. "Ash! What's wrong?" a voice asked. A really familiar voice I came to love. Rave. "It's nothing, Rave. I just want out." I cried, falling into his arms and sobbing, his arms slowly wrapping around me as he rocked me back and forth. "Ash. Ash, just tell me." he whispered. "It's nothing. This... This school. I hate it. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! The Cheetos... Too many people staring at me, too much expectations! I can't take it." I sniffed, burying my head into his shoulder.
  13. "Ash, you want to know why they stare? They find you beautiful, like an angel on earth. You are so mysterious, it draws them in. Those Cheetos are only mean because they're jealous of your beauty. And any expectations that are placed on you are on everyone, not just you." he whispered into my ear, placing his forehead against mine. "Rave, I'm just scared. Scared of them doing what Cash did. Scared they'll take me away, scared to lose you guys." I cried, my tears trailing down my face. "Don't be scared." he whispered, his lips interrupting my thoughts as they pressed against mine.
  14. His lips roughly pressed against mine, the soft contrast warming my heart as he took my face in his hands, kissing me more passionately. I looped my arms around his neck, my hands raking through his hair as he began to let his hands fall down around my waist. We finally pulled away for breath, his eyes full of love as he gave a smile. "Ash. Don't ever be scared. I'll always be there for you, no matter what." he sighed, seconds later the halls filling with students on their way to their next classes. "I should go, but thanks. Thanks for everything." I said, giving him one last hug before walking away.
  15. I suddenly felt so confused. I felt so much love for so many guys. Each one was special to me in different ways, some good, some bad. I mean, I just got Nick back, but I was scared to go back to him. Scared to fall in love with him and lose him all over again. As I began to realize I was a little lost, a hand touched my shoulder. "Need some help? You look lost." Angelo asked with a grin, Brandon right behind him with a matching smile. " Well, I tried following the yellow brick road to class, but it didn't get me there." I sighed, pointing down at the floor, yellow tiles covering it. "Ha. Ash, you are insane. Come on, we'll get you there, since we have that class as well." Brandon laughed, him and Angelo staring down at my arm, which had a cut lined in blood. "Don't stare at me that way. I must have scraped my arm on a locker. I told you two I don't cut anymore." I huffed, frowning deeply as they gave questionable looks.
  16. "Ash, I believe you. Sorry, it's just a little worrisome when you see someone who used to cut take off crying and coming back with a cut. But... I believe you." Angelo said, giving a small smile as they each looped an arm around each of my arms. "Uh... Yeah. I know that was silly of me to do. It's just an old habit of mine, but I'll try not to do that again." I explained, giving a fake smile that made Brandon frown. " Ash, that smile was so fake, Chicky. I deserve the real deal " he said. "Sheesh, sorry I couldn't please you. Would you prefer me to bow, my liege? Or how about I just worship the ground you walk on, your Royal Highness." I teased, sticking my tongue out at him.
  17. "Okay, okay. I get it, silly. I did sound a bit kingly there. While both of those sound nice, I feel I deserve better." he winked, Angelo groaning as he figured out what he wanted. " Oh jeez. Who let the pervert in?" I asked, rolling my eyes in disgust. "Oh you like it." he flirted, laughing as I hit his arm playfully. "I like pie, yes. I like cats, yes. Jeez, I even like violence at times. But perverts are definitely not on my list of things I like." I said. " So you love it, then?" he asked. "Brandon, don't go embarrassing yourself." Angelo sighed, watching him pull me close to his side. "Oh, I won't." he winked, leaning down and kissing the tip of my nose. " You're insane, you know that? For all you know, I could have a terrible disease or... I could be a witch, or I could be psycho." I said, shrugging him away.
  18. "Well, you'd have to be the prettiest witch I've ever seen, and if you had a disease you wouldn't be here. As for the psycho part, I've always wanted to date a psycho, so you have nothing to worry about." he laughed, my face burning as I realized half the school was staring at us. "Don't make me knock you out." I threatened, his face only getting flirtier. "Oh? That sounds spicy." he winked. "Oh my god, Brandon! Chocolate chip cookies are for sale!" Angelo cried L, Brandon instantly pulling away and running off to where Angelo had pointed.
  19. "I'm guessing there's no cookies?" I asked. He gave a nod, smiling as he led me to a small classroom door. "Well, then I owe you." I laughed, surprised as he stopped me from entering the classroom. "Wait. I want to show you something." he whispered. Before I could ask 'what' he leaned over...
  20. He leaned in, gently pressing his lips against mine, his teeth occasionally biting my lip as he began to kiss me more passionately, my lips moving in sync with his before he pulled away. "Maybe we can continue this after school." he winked, leading me into the classroom with a smile. Minutes passed before Brandon entered the classroom with a dissapointed frown. "You lied about the cookies." he said to Angelo, who gave a crazy grin. "Sorry, dude. Guess I just imagined them." he laughed, putting his hands up in mock frustration. The teacher entered the room, her face buried deeply into a book. "Class," she said looking up from the book. "I'm afraid I lost the lesson plan, so you may quietly get to know one another." she said, leaving the room in search of the lesson.
  21. "Heh. I might know where it went." a familiar voice said. I turned around to see Detroit, who was giving a wild smile. "Dude, you took it!?" Brandon exclaimed, Detroit frowning at him before looking my way. " I wouldn't say I took it. Maybe borrowed it." he laughed, Angelo tensing up and putting his hands ontop of mine. "Angelo, dude. Calm down." Brandon said, sensing the tension between the two of them. " Hey, Ash. Meet me at lunch." Detroit insisted before turning to talk to some of the guys sitting beside him. "You know him?" Angelo asked in shock, finally letting go of my hands. "Not really. We just sorta met in the hall." I shrugged, watching as his face went stony. "Ash, please do as I say and stay away from Detroit." he pled, Brandon giving me a shrug, like he was indifferent. "Why?" I asked.
  22. "I'll be back." he said, leaving the classroom, Detroit following after him. " Okay then...?" I shrugged, looking in confusion at Brandon who gave a small sigh. "Look, he's only trying to keep you safe. Him and Detroit have a bad past together. He's only trying to help. If I were you, I'd do as he says." he said. " Oh come on, Brandon. Must you be so vague?" I asked, leaning towards his desk with a frown. "How about you meet me after school? I'll tell you then." he said. "Fine, then. But it'll have to be after my detention." I sighed, laughing softly as he gave a wink.
  23. ***CLIFFHANGER***Sorry!!
  24. Bye!* hops onto a unicorn and hums the My little pony theme song*

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