The Cold(TWC) Part 2

ALRIGHT! Part 2! WHOO! Hope you enjoy this readers... or aliens.. taco... if anyone's even reading this at all. K...PART 3 COMING SOON! Part 3 coming soon!


Created by: Alleria
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  1. CHAPTER TWO I STARE AT THE WALL, listening to the panicked cries and chatter echoing around the Auditera. "Please stay calm! This is just a blackout!" the principal exclaims. "I need to call my mom!" "I need my phone!" "Get us out of here!" I exchange quick glances with Scott, who's sitting at his table, talking to his friends. We look away. Finally, I can't take it anymore. "EVERYONE, SHUT UP!" I yell. I'm standing on top of a chair. Everyone's looking at me now, the talking quieting down. "This isn't a blackout! It's more than that! I--" I begin. "Shut up, weirdo!"someone yells,throwing a book at me. I duck, and the shouting resumes again. I get off the chair, sighing. "Whatever! I'm going home!" someone yells. I look up to see a junior or a senior heading for the main doors, several groups following him. Silence. After what seems like hours, someone screams from outside. More screams follow. We all crowd at the windows, cranning to get a glimpse through the fog, to see what is happening. "Jackson!"a girl shrieks. "AAAAAAAaaahhhhhh!" "RUN! RUN--RUN, LYZA--LY---!" Screaming, terrified screaming, cussing, the sound of loud cracking, the wind shrieking. Then... nothing,at first. Soft whimpering nearby. The doors burst open, then slam shut. A girl with blonde hair streaks inside. Her face is white-pale, her clothes are streaked with red, and white. Then I realize her face is covered with small shards of ice.
  2. The girl begins to babble as someone wraps a blanket around her. "It was chilly. We were at our cars,then.... these--these-- things like black snakes started grabbing people and---and then there was screaming... One of them grabbed Jackson... Started choking him... He told me to run;I did. It started getting colder and colder, then it was snowing...." she breaks off, sobbing hysterically.
  3. I'm standing in the way back. I turn. Scott's the only one sitting at the table. He sees me looking, jerks his head to the side,gesturing me to come over. I walk to him, sitting across from him. He stares at my neck for a minute, before saying in a hushed voice," Do you think it's the same things that grabbed you?" I nod. "I think so." He exhales. Someone slides in the seat next to me. An African-American girl, who looks to be maybe 15/16 years old with dark brown braids and light brown eyes. "Look--," the girl begins. "Who are you?" Scott asks. "Mirdana Sophlers.I'm a freshman," she replies. "That thing Lyza's talking about. It's The Cold." "What?" She glances both directions before continuing. "The Cold." "What is that?" I ask. She shrugs. "I don't know. No one knows what it is or where it came from. My mama told me a story about it. Said that she was a survivor of The Cold." "What was her name?"Scott asks. "Ana Sophler."she answers."You ever hear of the town Grotez?" We shook our heads. "Exactly. The Cold, she said, it doesn't leave til it get what it wants, until it destroys the whole town, til there's nothing or no-one left. The fact that it came to Arizona, means that it's desperate. For something or someone." "When we were out there eariler, those vines grabbed me. They were-- dragging me..." I murmur. "Only you? Not Scott?" she asks. I think back. "Just me." "Then it wants you. And it won't stop until it does. Prepare yourself. The worst is yet to come."
  4. I look at Scott. He looks back. He reaches out and places a hand on mine. "It'll be okay, Catalina." I don't answer. An image zooms in my mind. Frost, snow, icicles, everywhere. I'm in the Auditera. People lay on the floor, pale, eyes glazed open, frost covering their bodies. I see my pale naked body, covered with snow and ice, my eyes closed. My black hair sprinkled with crystals. I stare down at myself. The other me opens her eyes, sits up, and smiles. I gasp, my eyes shooting open.
  5. Scott smirks at me. "You fell asleep." I stare at him. "Please tell me I didn't snore." He shrugs. "It's kinda cute." "Omigosh,"I mumble. "Wait, were you here the whole time?!" "Well, not the whole time. Sometimes I stood at the wall, watching you." I stare at him in disbelief. He smiles and begins to laugh. I swat his arm. "You jerk!" I say. "I can't help it." I yawn, then stretch. "Did I miss anything?" "Principal Ehide said we have to continue our classes and sh** like that. And I quote, 'to keep our bodies moving'. I mean-- hello? Didn't the man hear the stuff that was happening outside? I swear that man's like a miniture dinosuar or something. A brain the size of a cockroach, you know?" I laugh. "How long have I been asleep?" "'Bout 2 hours? You might wanna get your schedule or notebooks or whatever you have... 'Cause... oh, and they got the emergency generator back on, so we can have electricity, and hot water and all that other bull-crap we don't need." "Thanks for letting me know, Scott." I go to my locker, get the stuff I need, and sit down at the table. Scott holds out a hand. I give him my schedule. He scans it. "You've got to be effing kidding me."
  6. "What?" I ask. "We almost have the same classes," he replies. "Isn't that the s***tist thing? That only happens in the movies." He sits back in his chair, crossing his arms over his red t-shirt, after giving my schedule back. "But isn't that a good thing? I mean, it'll be nice having a friend around." He looks at me, then scoffs. "Trust me. I'm not the type of person you want to hang out around. I have a temper." "So? You saved my life. The least I could do is repay you. Anything you want, it's yours." He sighs. "Deal." "ALL STUDENTS PLEASE REPORT TO YOUR SIXTH PERIOD CLASS.I REPEAT ALL STUDENTS TO THEIR SIXTH PERIOD CLASS. YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES." Scott and I stand, walking to sixth period. "See you later, Catalina." I wave at him. Mirdana comes up next to me. "Ooh, looks like someone likes you." "What?" I ask. "Scott. He likes you." I give a short laugh and scoff. "What, no. Scott doesn't like me. I'm like, ugly." She smiles at me. "Trust me girl. He likes you. Why else would he talk to you?" We walk into English together. I ponder that idea for the first five minutes of class. To my delight, I'm paired up with Mirdana.
  7. My eyes feel heavy. "You okay?" Mirdana asks. (BTW, guys her name is pronounced like Mirana, the 'd' is silent. Also her last name is pronounced Soft-he-lers.Sophlers In case you were wondering). I blink. " I think I just need to close my eyes for a minute," I tell her. I close my eyes, and feel myself being pulled into a dark sleep. What, no! I only mean to close my eyes for a short minute-- Wake up! Wake the heck up, Catalina Levens!! NOW! But I can't. I seem to be underwater, but I can breathe. I see something in the distance, moving towards me. As it gets closer, I see that it is a man dressed in black. I can't see his face. It's too dark to see. Short bursts of light flashes, but I still cannot see his face. "...Catalina..." a male voice hisses, whispers, echos all around me. "Who are you?" I demand. He chuckles, the sound dark and sinister. " Don't worry,my darlin'. I now have exactly what I want..." he purrs, the words echoing. "YOU!" the word shrieks guttural, as black vines shoot from his hands, towards me. I scream, jolting up. Mirdana stares at me, everyone is looking at me. No. No. I bolt from my chair, knocking it over, not caring. I have to get away from here. I run out of the room, out into the hallway, towards the bathroom. Tears spring out of my eyes. Don't you DARE cry, Catalina. Not now. Wait, until-- I run smack into someone. It's Scott. Figures. "Catalina? What is it?" he asks, hands on my shoulders, steadying me.
  8. I open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out. Instead I break down, crying. Just great. I am crying in front of the most popular---possibly hottest--- guy in school. How pathetic is that? He wraps an arm around me, pulling me close to him, patting my back. What the heck?! "Just let it out, Catalina. It's okay." "Why do you keep using my full name?!" I blubber, through his shirt. "It's your name, isn't it? What, do you want me to call you something else?" I laugh weakly. "No, it's okay..." I actually like the way he says my name. I pull away, sniffling, wiping my cheeks. "S-sorry. I didn't-- didn't mean to ruin your shirt." "Heh, it's okay. No big deal. Why were you crying?" I explain the unfortunate incident that happened in class. He curses. "If he appeared in your dream...that must mean he's already found you and knows who you are. The question is... what does he want with you?" That's what I want to know too.
  9. He studies me for a minute, shoves his hands in his pockets, and sighs. "Listen. Why don't you go back to class, and we'll talk more about the dream after, OK?" I nod, my tears slipping out, sniffling. "Hey, it'll be okay,"he murmurs softly, pulling me into another hug. "I won't let him get you." Suddenly, I see myself and Scott from a third point of view,like an outsider looking in. He has his chin on the top of my head, staring into the distance. My chin rests on his shoulder, my eyes closed. Scott has both arms wrapped around my waist. Then I realize I'm naked... pale... frost, ice covering my body again, crystals shining in my long black hair. The other me opens her eyes, turns her head towards me, smirking. But the thing is my eyes are glowing red-orange. I gasp. I'm back in my body. What are those dreams--visions-- I'm having? I pull away from Scott, thank him, telling him I'll see him after school, before turning and walking back to English. Surprisingly, Mrs. Illics doesn't ask me where I've been or why I ran out. She gives me this look of concern or pity. I take my seat next to Mirdana. She flips to a page in her notebook, and writes: You ok? I scrawl back: I had a vision or dream or whatever it was. The point is,The Cold knows who I am and what I look like. P.S. I ran into Scott in the hallway. She reads it before answering: OMG! That's awsome! I give her a 'You're-kidding-me,right?' look. She replies: Oh, b/c u ran into Scott. NOT that dream. That's really bad. U think? "What do we have here?" Mrs. Illics voice asks in front of us. We look up, startled. She picks up the notebook and reads it. After a long time, she glances at both of us. "I want to see both of you after school along with Mr. Haven. Is. That. Clear?" We nod. She walk back to her desk, taking the notebook with her. Mirdana and I exchange bewildered glances. What just happened?
  10. The bell rings. I walk to my last class, Choir. I see Scott sitting in a chair with Azula sitting next to him. Dang. What is up with this chick? Finally, I decide on a seat in the front row. Big mistake, because no one else was sitting in the front row. The teacher, Mr. Locket, notices me immediately. "Ah, you must be our new student, Catalina Levens! Do you prefer Cat, Lina, Cata...Catalina?" "Either of those is fine," I reply. He clasps his hands together. "Alright, Cat! Well, welcome to Choir! This week is Duet Week, and the Rock Genre! Now, take a look at this paper, and kindly point out which song you want to sing." Sing? Oh, crap. I scan the paper for a familiar song. There's only one song I recognize on the list and it's from 2002. I point it out. "That one." He beams. I like this guy already. "Excellent! Please come up here and stand next to me. Alrighty then. Let's see... who has not gone yet? Ah, Scott! Please come up here!" " No, thanks. If I do, I might die because of my allergy to your voice, Mr. Locket," Scott sneers. The class "oohs". "Well, dawg. As kids say today, F-You,"Mr. Locket says. Scott's nose flares. "Come up here now." Scott scoffs, then walks up, standing next to me, looking a little pissed. Mr. Locket turns to the radio. "Told you I wasn't the type of person to hang out with," Scott hisses in my ear. I turn to look at him. He looks extremely pissed off now. Music begins to play and Mr. Locket turns back to us. " 'How can you see into my eyes...Like open doors?'" I sang. The room begins to quiet down. I close my eyes, letting the music fill me, singing my heart out, not caring that everyone's looking at me, that Mr. Locket probably going to judge my scales,that even Scott's standing right next to me. Then it's Scott's turn. "Wake me up..." My eyes shoot open, as I look at him. He has a better voice than Paul McCoy."...Save me..."
  11. "...Bid my blood to run/Before I come undone/Save me from the nothing I've become/Bring me to life/Bring me to life/Frozen inside without your touch/Without your love,Darling/Only you are the life among the dead..." Scott begins to rap, never missing a beat. We continue to sing until the past part. "Bring me to liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife." The whole class stares at us,then claps. We take our seats. Mr. Locket congrulates us, saying that there's no work to be done for our voices. We've hit his considered level of success. Just as I settle in my seat, I hear something. "Catalina...." a voice hisses in my ear. "...My sweet...I smell your heart... I can smell your fear...I smell your blood...There's.No. Escaping.Me... I always get what I want....." I try shutting the voice out, throwing random songs into my head. "I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT!! I WILL FIND YOU, SOONER OR LATER!!" GET OUT!GETOUT GETOUT GETOUT GETOUTTAMYHEAD! I shriek. Nothing.A half-hour later, the bell rings. I swiftly walk out, heading towards my locker. Along the way, Scott catches up with me, grabbing my arm. "Catalina...I'm sorry about those things I said back there. That's typically how I really am. Catalina? Talk to me." I angrilly shove stuff in my locker, not caring where it goes but as long as it stays there. I slam my locker shut, brushing past him. He reaches out, grabs my shoulders, and pushes me back against the lockers. "Catalina..." "He was inside my head, Scott. He knows exactly where I am. It's just a matter of time before he finds me." Mirdana jogs up to us. "Hey, Catalina, Scott. Mrs. Illics needs to see us, remember?" Scott lets go of my shoulders and we quitely walk to Mrs. Illics' room.
  12. DONE! What'd you think? What's Mrs. Illics wanting to talk to them about? Stay tuned for more of The Cold(TWC) in Part 3.

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