The Challenge Of Tekken Quiz

There are people who are smart enough to take this quiz and to take their scores higher.And to be that smart,you have to know the knowledge that you still need

Are you smart enough to take this quiz,or just an ordinary person who wanted to try this kind of quiz.Try it and you'll see how much do you know about the tekken fighters.

Created by: Gwen
  1. Who is the niece of Jin Kazama?
  2. What is th color of Jin's gloves?
  3. What is the color of Miguels hair?
  4. Who has a secret crush on Jin Kazama?
  5. Who has a red and white dress?
  6. Who is the final boss in tekken?
  7. If Zafina is 23 years old at tekken 6,how old is Asuka at tekken 6?
  8. What is the last name of Nina?
  9. Who is Armor King's brother?
  10. What is the nationality of Asuka in tekken?
  11. Who has the nationality of Russian?
  12. Who is the pet of Xiaoyu?
  13. How old is Alisa?
  14. What is the nationality of Zafina?
  15. What is the color of Alisa's clothes?

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