who wants to be a tekkenare

if you also wanted to be in the tekken you must be strong enough and brave enough to face it.and to be like that you have to know and to remember for all the genious people like you .

if you are a genious person,you have to know what is being given in the question that has given to you so that you may have your own knowledge about it.

Created by: gwen
  1. Who is the niece of Jin Kazama?
  2. If Zafina is 23 years old at tekken 6,how old is Asuka at tekken 6?
  3. What is true about Alisa?
  4. If Lili has red and white colors in her dress,what color does Alisa have in her dress?
  5. What animal is on King's head?
  6. What is the difference between Jin Kazama and Devil Jin Kazama?
  7. What is the last name of Anna and Nina?
  8. Who is to be the King of Iron Fist?
  9. Asuka has a secret crush on ___________ even if Asuka is his niece.
  10. King has green eyes and Armor King has ______ eyes.
  11. What is the color of Jin's gloves?
  12. Law is the __________ of all tekken fighters.
  13. Alisa has a _____ hair.
  14. Wang is the ______ of all tekken fighters
  15. Who is the final boss of tekken?
  16. What is the color of Zafina's hair?
  17. What is the color of Raven's clothes?
  18. Miguel has a _______ hair.
  19. Panda is _______ pet.
  20. Julia has _______ clothes.
  21. What is the last name of Lars?
  22. What is the last name of Eddy?
  23. Christie's husband is __________.
  24. Who played Jin Kazama?
  25. What do you call the punch that has fire?
  26. Who is the Russian girl in tekken?
  27. What is the nationality of Asuka?
  28. Lili has a _________ hair.
  29. Christie has a _______ hair
  30. Who has sandals with blue diamonds?

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