Are you a TEKKEN fan?!

There are many Tekken fans, but they all share the same games, one Tekken game, so many Tekken fans! but are you a real Tekken fan or just.. a ''fan''.. lol..

After taking this quiz, and getting a low score, you'll find yourself lacking as a Tekken fan! so i suggest reading and watching more Tekken to understand and be a real fan!

Created by: Wael
  1. When was the first Tekken got released
  2. What was Lili's stage in Tekken 5: DR called?
  3. Which main Tekken featured two mini games?
  4. Who is Dean Earwicker?
  5. This move in Tekken '' Deathfist'' belongs to
  6. Which Tekken had Mokujin festival mode?
  7. Which Tekken had a training mode? (Not practice mode)
  8. Which Tekken featured a co op option?
  9. Which Tekken featured a gold rush mode?
  10. Which Tekken game Dragunov first appeared in?
  11. Which Tekken game did Jack not appear in?
  12. Which of these Tekken characters is Japanese?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TEKKEN fan?!