Hello people, if you ever saw the "Very Hard Tekken 2 Quiz" will you haven't seen ANYTHING yet! Yes, I made that Tekken 2 Quiz, so this is kind of like........a sequel. Yeah. Anyway, this quiz is a lot harder than my last one, but slightly easier too. (Question 24 is DEFIANTLY the easiest) Mainly because, rather than just a Tekken 2 Quiz, this is an all round Tekken quiz! Ranging from Tekken 1 to Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion! Enjoy!

While this quiz is a lot harder, some questions have been significantly toned down. This quiz will REALLY determine if you're a Tekken 2 genius! (minus all the juggle stuff of course) ARE YOU A TEKKEN GENIUS?

Created by: paul
  1. Which Tekken character made his "return" in Tekken 4?
  2. At one point, Anna had black hair
  3. Which of the following characters has been in ALL Tekken games?
  4. How long is the Tekken 5 intro (PS2) in minutes and seconds?
  5. In Tekken 2, what character must you play as to unlock Wang?
  6. How is "Alex" obtained in Tekken 2?
  7. What is Baek Doo San's stage in Tekken 2 called?
  8. Which Tekken game had Craig Murduk first appeared in?
  9. Who does Yoshimitsu help in Tekken 3?
  10. Who plays Craig Marduk in the upcoming 2009 Tekken film?
  11. Who will play Jin Kazama?
  12. Which character was a bodyguard for Kazuya in Tekken 2?
  13. Where do Michelle Chang and Julia Chang live?
  14. Which character has a bee on their T-shirt in Tekken 6?
  15. How long is Forest Law's music in Tekken 3? (Remember, in minutes and seconds)
  16. What nationality is Lars Alexandersson? (from Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion)
  17. What Tekken 2 character "mysteriously" disappeared in Tekken 3?
  18. Who won the first King of the Iron Fist Tournament?
  19. What does Kunimitsu's name mean in Kanji?
  20. There is a stage in Tekken 5 with "an enormous amount of gold and jewels." "Stalagmites and stalactites are in this place" What stage in Tekken 5 is this?
  21. Who has their interlude's here?
  22. How much copies has Tekken 5 sold?
  23. Who was the Narrator of Tekken 5?
  24. In Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, what colour are the lifebars?
  25. What arcade system does Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion run on?
  26. What score did IGN give Tekken 5?
  27. How many playable characters are there in Tekken Tag Tournament?
  28. Which character (out of this bunch) copies all the opponents moves?
  29. What height is Lei Wulong?
  30. What age is Zafina? (In Tekken 6)
  31. In Tekken Tag Tournament, how many stages are there?
  32. What is Jack-2's ending song called in Tekken 2?
  33. What character is seen playing a Trumpet in a Tekken 3 image?
  34. Who did the voice for the opening of the Tekken 2 intro?
  35. Who is one of the new music composers for Tekken 6?

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