what female tekken character are you??

who agrees that the tekken game series is an all time GREAT?? im sure you do! and its not just the guys that dig the game, but some pretty fiesty girls, too! which female tekken character are you?? don't be a chicken, the quiz aint that hard, just a few simple common-sense questions! find out now..

are you as cute and bubbly as LING XIAOYU? or as cunning and determined as ASUKA KAZAMA?? or maybe you're as quiet and mysterious as UNKNOWN? you may know deep inside, but you'll never know FOR SURE until you take this quiz!

Created by: zack
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  1. night out on the town!! what are you gonna go do?
  2. takin a little drive downtown. what am i rollin' around in??
  3. whoa, that girl is just BEGGIN for an a** whoopin'. what fightin style shall i use??
  4. whoa! you've won an all expense-free trip to anywhere on earth! where do you want to go?
  5. cool! there's a wild animal in my backyard! fascinating! what species is it?
  6. a nearby company is ofering me a brand new tate-of-the-art combat suit. what should it look like?
  7. wow, every girls dream. a line up of your pick of BOYS! which one do YOU like?
  8. time for a late-night snack. whats in the fridge?
  9. nothin to do but sit back at home and watch a little tv. whats on tonight?
  10. oo, holidays are coming up! which one am i most lookin forward to?

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Quiz topic: What female tekken character am I??