The hard Tekken 2 Quiz

This is a Hard Tekken 2 Quiz for people with, well brains! Think you can answer all questions and become a Tekken 2 genius? Come on in and find out!

Take this test now and test your knowledge of the video game Tekken 2. Who knows, maybe you are or could be, A TEKKEN 2 GENIUS! So do you really have what is takes?

Created by: paul
  1. Who won the King of Iron fist Tournament 2?
  2. What is Nina's ending song called?
  3. What setting is Kunimitsu's stage set in?
  4. What is the arcade name for Jun Kazama's theme song?
  5. What age was Kazuya in Tekken 2?
  6. What is the credits song for Tekken 2 called?
  7. Who had the longest Tekken 2 ending?
  8. Tekken 2 had a theatre mode.
  9. What colour was the life bar in Tekken 2?
  10. Which of these characters disappeared in Tekken 3?
  11. What date did Tekken 2 come out in Europe?
  12. What is the name of the secret character theme?
  13. How long is the character select music?
  14. Which character does NOT appear in Tekken 2?
  15. In the Tekken 2 Credits song, what instrument is used towards the end of it?
  16. How many sales did Tekken 2 have?
  17. What is the Michelle's theme song on the PS1 Version?
  18. Which 3 characters are featured on the European disc version of the game?
  19. Who is featured on the Japanese version of the disc?
  20. Which of these 3 music composers did the music for Tekken 2?
  21. Who did the guitar for the opening of Tekken 2?
  22. What is the ending theme for Michelle Chang called?
  23. In Nina's Tekken 2 Ending, where is the graveyard facing?
  24. Which of stages is Anna's?
  25. Which of these Arcade Systems did Tekken 2 run on?
  26. Finally, which character uses a sword in their ending?

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