HI I had worked two days on this quiz i also worked very hard i waunted to make a music quiz is because i have been looking for them online and i could not find any great ones so i decided i should make one by myself it will be very fun i promise

this quiz is fun and it is not easy or hard it is music from 2007 to today in a few seconds you will see how much you are up to date on music if you are looking for something to do this is the thing that will keep you busy it is ten questions have fun

Created by: barbie

  1. Who sings "LOW"
  2. Who sings SUFFOCATE
  3. Finish these lyrics to Souljaboy's "SOULGIRL"- "My Mom Picked Up The Phone And Said
  4. Who sings "With You"
  5. Whos ft. with Rhianna in "I Hate That I Love You"
  6. What song did Plies and Akon sing
  7. Who sings make me better
  8. Who sings Stronger
  9. Who Sings "Take You There"
  10. Who sings "I WONT TELL"

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