The Ultimate Wonder Pets Quiz

There are many people who enjoy watching the Wonder Pets and talking about it, but there are few who know every little detail of every single episode. A true Wonder Pets fan, however, should be able to score a perfect 20 on this quiz.

Are YOU a Wonder Pets fan? Do you have what it takes to earn the right to say that you are an Ultimate Wonder Pets Fan? Now is the chance to see you if you know what you are talking about when you talk about Linny, Tuck, and Ming Ming, too.

Created by: Wonder
  1. How many Wonder Pets are there?
  2. Linny is one of the animals on our show. What kind of animal is she?
  3. In one episode, the Pets rescued a swan. What was wrong in this episode?
  4. What kind of animal is Ming Ming?
  5. One of the funniest episodes was "The Puppy". What was wrong in this episode?
  6. One of the Wonder Pets is a turtle. What is his name?
  7. We have a flying boat.
  8. In the episode "The Three Little Pigs", how did we save the pigs?
  9. We had to help ants going to war. How did we do this?
  10. We can travel all over the world.
  11. Fill in the word: The phone, the phone is _______! The phone, we'll be right there!
  12. Fill in the right words: We're not too big and we're not too _______ but when we work together we've got the right _______!
  13. Do we live in a school house with children?
  14. Who says "This is serious"?
  15. What color is Linny's hat?
  16. How does Tuck get to the phone?
  17. In one episode, we go to save a baby dolphin. Where do we go to save it?
  18. In another episode, we rescue a chimp. Where do we rescue it from?
  19. What's going to work?
  20. Do you like the Wonder Pets?

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