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  • WRONG. It said I have a ruler shape. I have an hourglass figure

    EmilyisaWoodElf Nov 8 '14, 12:13PM
  • Erm what if your paternal/maternal grandmothers are from Australia/UK?? and what the hell is Prison Break?

    treEeEeEs Aug 19 '14, 5:10AM
  • Im 13 and have a hour glass figure 34-24-38

    Faithjones Jun 6 '14, 8:58PM
  • Hourglass :) Accurate, and its all good with me :]

    AyeeJayyWassup Jan 8 '14, 8:31PM
  • I got fishtale or fan shape lol

    GraceyCat Oct 30 '13, 12:44AM
  • I am an hourglass, 44"-29"-41". I'm a little insulted you didn't include larger measurements. And what the heck does prison break have to do with this?

    MiSs_CrImInAl Jul 2 '13, 8:53PM
  • Not accurate at all. I'm ruler shaped, not hourglass shaped.

    AlwaysMasked Apr 1 '13, 6:17PM
  • *cough* I got hourglass, which is accurate, however, dafaq does Prison Break have to do with anything? I don't even watch that show, mush less know what characters are on it.

    rascal1178 Feb 13 '13, 4:09PM
  • WTF does Prison Break have to do with this (which I don't watch)? How does parents country of origin (although you said it incorrectly) relate to my body? People all around the world have different shapes and it doesn't matter where they are from. 1*

    Leo Ascendent Feb 13 '13, 11:56AM
  • I'm afraid that this isn't very accurate. I'm not a ruler, I'm more of a hourglass. I'm not at all like a runner in the Olymipcs. I think the problem is that you're over-complicating it. I hadn't heard of some of these people so I couldn't compare. And the results are too many to handle, I'd stick with three to six results. Make it simpler, easier and that will lead to accuracy in time!

    vulturemonem Jan 4 '13, 12:26PM
  • I got apple-shaped, but I'm more pear-shaped... -_-

    SG115 Jan 1 '13, 9:47PM
  • Hourglass. Kaykay.

    BTRfreak Dec 13 '12, 12:58AM
  • Hourglass!!(: it's actually right!

    JeNnIsThEBoMb Nov 10 '12, 8:25AM
  • Your Result: Hourglass Body Shape

    Congratulations, you have an hourglass shaped body. This is the most preferred body shape in the universe. It is marked by wide shoulders, trimmed waist lines, and proportionate hips. Hourglasses carry weight evenly, and have the most muscle of any body type. They also have long and strong, well-shaped legs. Hourglass body shapes usually have long thin hands (in women) and muscular upper arms (in men). Famous hourglass shaped women include: Lena Horne, Vanessa L Williams, Sophia Loren, Liya Kebede, and Elle Mc Phearson. Male shaped hourglasses look like one inverted triangle stacked on top of a regular triangle. They are very lean looking and perfect! Examples include: Tom Welling and Denzel Washington.

    True Thats how i'm shaped and pretty much all of my family.

    zoed444 Sep 7 '12, 6:43PM
  • I'm the opposite of what you said!!! I am not as skinney as a ruler!!! I am pear shaped!!!! -___- I rated 1 star, BTW.

    fatii96 Aug 10 '12, 4:32PM
  • You almost described the opposite of my body type.

    tomboy9876 Aug 6 '12, 11:45PM
  • The Body Shape Quiz
    Your Result: Guitar Shaped Body
    Congratulations! You have the only body shape that is like a musical instrument, A GUITAR! Your shoulders are smaller than your hips, giving the body a guitar shape. The waist is usually very narrow, and the legs are short and muscular. Most guitars have long torsos, as seen on all the MTV pop stars and BET singers, as of 1998. The bottom half is usually very robust. This body type has recently come into popularity with famous long torsoed girls like Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears. Guitar body shapes are common in women and men.
    ok my hips and shoulders r the same length apart and i have long skinny legs with very broad shoulders and tiny hips. i am 2 skinny so my friends make me eat food as much as possible! WRONG!

    graceegan May 2 '12, 8:34PM
  • Ruler...that's not accurate at all!!

    glitterchick97 Apr 17 '12, 2:57PM
  • im very skinnty i used to be bolemic butits not my fault my lifes hard!!?

    meow15 Apr 5 '12, 7:38PM
  • Oh yeah everyone wants my body lol lol lol lol well according to the results lol

    ICONiac16 Jan 23 '12, 9:40PM
  • Hourglass, I dont care if it's not accurate, because this quiz had like NO spelling or grammer mistakes. I think you put alot of time into this 23 question quiz. Nice job!

    IceBabe Jan 23 '12, 9:08AM
  • i got ruler wich is true cos im 6,2 and i do lotsa sport

    Cassaqazqaz Jan 18 '12, 6:36PM

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