The Bo bo bo trivia quiz

Bo bo bo is in incredible show that ended too soon and will be very missed. Show your love by taking "The Bo bo bo Trivia Quiz. Good luck and do your best.

By taking this quiz you allow us to do but not limited to Stealing your identity and using it to commit felonies and pin it on you, breaking into your house, stealing your pets... don't worry, we're just kidding.

Created by: gasser
  1. Which of the following did Bo bo bo and his friends not fight?
  2. Which one of these is not a fighting style in Bo bo bo?
  3. Who are the main love relationship characters?
  4. Which is the Don patch sword?
  5. Which assassin sent by C.B. did Gasser confront?
  6. Which fusion does not happen?
  7. Which does Bo bo bo not turn into?
  8. What "special skill" does Bo bo bo have?
  9. Who was originally an antagonist?
  10. Who is the only fully normal character?

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