Seinfeld Trivia Quiz.

Are you a fan of the tv show Seinfeld? If so take this trivia quiz to see how much you really know about the show. Take this quiz now to find out how big of a fan you really are.

This trivia quiz consists of seventeen multiple choice questions with five possible answers. Find out how much you know by taking this Seinfeld trivia quiz.

Created by: Honeytoast
  1. Who did Jerry convince to open a pakastani restaurant?
  2. Who created Seinfeld?
  3. The creator of Seinfeld is based off which character?
  4. Jerry's mom got mad at him for making out during what movie?
  5. Who does George work for?
  6. What did George try to sneek up a window with a fishing pole?
  7. What did Jerry agree to wear on the tonight show?
  8. Who had a nervous breakdown and had to go to a mental institution?
  9. Which is Not true?
  10. Who did Elaine date?
  11. Who is Jerry's favorite super hero?
  12. Jerry once got a girls number off...
  13. George often lies about being what?
  14. In accordance to the previous question what name does George usually use?
  15. Whos dads character did they change in the begining season?
  16. What funny object did Elaine laugh at ruining someones piano recital?
  17. What happened on the season finale?

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