Are you a doofus?

This turned into a quiz about Seinfeld. It didn't originate that way, but Kramer is the ultimate doofus. Seinfeld is the best. It's a great show. You should watch it.

Are you a doofus? Maybe you are who knows. Kramer is the ultimate doofus. He's probably the best character as well. Thanks for taking this quiz. You won't regret it.

Created by: Argyle

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  1. Favorite Seinfeld character?
  2. Are you kind of dumb and kind of smart?
  3. Are you friends with just about everyone?
  4. Do you like to borrow a lot of things?
  5. If a black person was heckling you would you say the n word?
  6. Are you friends with your friends parents?
  7. Would you ever want to be a ball boy/girl when you are over 18 years old?
  8. Would you ever fight little kids if they were in your same Karate class?
  9. What's most interesting?
  10. What would you order from a Chinese restaurant?

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Quiz topic: Am I a doofus?