Seinfeld Quiz (A Quiz About Nothing)

A Show About Nothing.. A Quiz About Nothing.. Need I Say More!? Apparently I Do, As There Must Be A Certain Amount Of Characters In This Description.. So Lets See How Well You Know The Best Show Ever To Grace A Television Set..

Do You Know Something About Nothing? Do You Know Nothing About Something? If You Have Nothing To Do, Lets Find Out.. There Are 20 Questions To Answer, 4 Answers to Chose From For Each..

Created by: Nick Gower
  1. What is Jerry's apartment #?
  2. What is Jerry short for?
  3. Who is Jerry's favorite superhero?
  4. Where is Elaine from?
  5. Elaine absolutely hates what movie?
  6. Which restaurant is NOT featured on the show?
  7. Who won "The Contest"?
  8. What name does George want to give his child?
  9. George purchased a car because he believed the previous owner was which person?
  10. Who did Kramer claim to see drinking coffee at Dinky Doughnuts?
  11. Where was Kramer employed yet happen to be on strike for 12yrs?
  12. What was the gang symbol for the Van Buren boys?
  13. What was the Maestro's real name?
  14. What is the Soup Nazi's real name?
  15. What country was Newman's last hope during his game of risk with Kramer?
  16. What is the name of Kramer's mother?
  17. What was the name of the comic strip that Elaine mistakenly ripped off?
  18. What is J. Peterman's first name?
  19. Which of these 4 characters was the only one to NOT actually appear on the show?
  20. Why was the gang kicked out of the woman's car in "The Parking Garage" episode?

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