How well do you know Seinfeld volume 2

It is volume two of the Seinfeld quiz tough guy. Hope you did some studying after quiz one because this is no cake walk. Put on the technicolor dreamcoat and don't light your hair on fire from that cigar and answer these questions.

Seinfeld is one of the greatest shows of all time and I felt like the first quiz was just too easy so I decided to beef up this quiz a little. Good Luck!!!!

Created by: Ryan
  1. In which season did Elaine begin to work for Mr. Pitt?
  2. What was the name of the pasta figurine Kramer made for Jerry?
  3. What was the name of the bagel shop Kramer went on strike from?
  4. How many years was Kramer on strike from the bagel shop?
  5. What candy bar fortune did Sue Ellen Mischke set to inherent?
  6. Which Looney Tunes character was on Jerry's Pez dispenser in season 3?
  7. What is the name of the book that Jerry checked out in 1971 and is overdue?
  8. In the episode "The Tape" George orders a baldness cure from what country?
  9. In the episode "The Suicide" what is the name of the snack Jerry bribes Newman with?
  10. In which episode does Jerry's girlfriend paint a portrait of Kramer?
  11. What was the incorrect answer on the Trivial Pursuit game that George plays with the bubble boy?
  12. What episode won an Emmy?
  13. In the episode "The Sniffling Accountant" why does Elaine break up with Jake Jarmel?
  14. Who does Kramer injure when he becomes ball boy at the U.S. Open?
  15. What religion does George "convert" to?
  16. What food ends Jerry's vomit streak?
  17. What type of golf ball did Kramer hit into the ocean that plugged the whale's blowhole?
  18. Judge Reinhold's character in a season 5 episode was nicknamed what?
  19. In the episode "The Hamptoms" George must stop to get what?
  20. What is the name of Jerry's girlfriend in "The Race" episode?
  21. Who is the scofflaw?
  22. In which season does David Puddy make his first appereance?
  23. In the episode "The Understudy" what is the name of the softball team Jerry and George play for?
  24. What is the name that George wants to name his child?
  25. What is the name that George tries to get Susan's cousin to name their baby?
  26. Susan has a doll that looks like whom?
  27. In season 7, Kramer tries to duplicate the sleeping habits of whom?
  28. What type of animal does Kramer name "Little Jerry Seinfeld"?
  29. What is the name of the company George works for after the Yankees?
  30. In the episode "The Apology" Jerry's girlfriend does what?
  31. What are George's initials?
  32. What is the name of the episode in which Frank Costanza's made-up holiday is revealed?
  33. What season is "The Jacket" in?
  34. What season is "The Dinner Party" in?
  35. What season is "The Secret Code" in?
  36. Which of these were not in season 1?
  37. Which season is "The Letter" in?
  38. Which season is "The Mango" in?
  39. Which season is "The Scofflaw" in?
  40. Last Question: Who was the real winner of the contest?

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