Are you bonkers?

There are many tv shows out there. Seinfeld is one them. Some people consider it to be the best tv show of all time. It really is a good show despite what your political beliefs are.

Do you like Seinfeld? Some people do. If you are young enough you've probably never seen Seinfeld. Good luck. Hopefully you do well on this quiz. Meaning you score low.

Created by: Serge

  1. Do you remove old sets from the trash and put them up in your house?
  2. Do you pretend you're a talk show host?
  3. Do you invite celebrities to be on your fictitious show?
  4. Do you have a friend named Bob Sacamono?
  5. Do you like broccoli?
  6. Do you like snow peas?
  7. Do you like coffee tables?
  8. Do you like books?
  9. Would you ever make a book about coffee tables that turns into a coffee table?
  10. Do you borrow a lot of stuff from your neighbor?

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Quiz topic: Am I bonkers?