Do you REALLY know your Mets trivia?

There are few people who REALLY know their Mets trivia. You need to have studied for years to know it all. But it is worth it. And so is this quiz. Take the quiz, and learn what you do not know.

Ok, so the first paragraph sounded a little creepy. But it is worth it, and it is actually a fun quiz. Few will pass, and many will fail. Do you have what it takes?

Created by: derrick
  1. What year were the Mets formed?
  2. What year did the Mets win their first World Series?
  3. Who did the Mets play against in their first World Series?
  4. What year did the Mets win their second World Series?
  5. Who did the Mets play against in their second World Series?
  6. Who commited the error that allowed the Mets to win Game 6 of their second World Series?
  7. Who was the Mets pitcher to strike out the last batter and preserve the win for the Mets in their second World Series?
  8. Who are the the 3 present commentaters for the Mets?
  9. How many no-hitters have Mets pitchers thrown all together?
  10. Who is the Mets third base coach?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY know my Mets trivia?