The Alone and Togethers~part 2

This is part two of "The alone and Togethers. Ilee goes to speak to (p.s. If you have not read part one do so befor you read this.)Adren before he leaves.

Please rate and comment.This is part two of "The alone and Togethers. Ilee goes to speak to (p.s. If you have not read part one do so befor you read this.)Adren before he leaves.

Created by: SugerCube
  1. I want so badly to kill Amber. She was the one who stole the election papers from the Governors' office. But that would be pointless. I could not get him back by killing her. In fact, I would get banished. But still ,it was tempting. And it would be so easy, a knife in the back, a dish of deadly food....But fantasies would get me nowhere fast. It was time for Adren to say his goodbyes. I walked out of my room and into the kitchen. Travis and dad were sitting at the table. "Hi, Ilee. Did you get any sleep?" says dad. My nose wrinkles at the smell of hard beer that comes from his mouth. Travis looks at me, clearly worried.
  2. I ignored dads question, and raised an eyebrow at Travis. He held up three fingers and I knew what he meant. Three. That was the time Adren was to leave. He would be locked up in his house in till that time. His family was allowed to go in and say goodbye. One at a time, three minutes each. But only family. No friends. No teachers. I was his cousin. So I could say goodbye. So could Travis. But he was not going to. Adren was not well liked. He was a rebel. When he got in trouble he would leave to who knows were, and hide out till things got better. So I would go see him. I would be the only one. Amber wasn't allowed to go. They were not kin. His dad did not care.
  3. I walked across the road, kicking up dust from dragging my feet. I felt so ...nothing. I loved Adren like a brother. Travis was nice and blood..but I could only trust Adren. He went and took the blame for things all the time. But I never suspected that he would take the punch for something this big. Even if Amber was involved. People said "sorry'" or "It's a shame." as I walked by them. It was a shame but not there's. It was mine because after Adren was gone I would be the one to carry the shame. Not his dad. As I reached Arden's door I noticed a guard by the door. He stands stiff with a hand on his dagger hilt. And there most likely one at the window. And the back door too.
  4. As I approach the door the man rabies his and. "Name." He says coldly. " Ilee Strind." I answer matching his tone. "kin or friend?" He asked even though he already knew. Everyone knows. "Kin Cousin wise." I say flatly. " Let her enter." He spoke not to me but to a man inside the door. It swings open and I step inside. The sent of evergreen trees hit me. It was a rare smell since trees didn't grow with out sunlight. Arden's mom had taken the last seed. And placed it in a small pot with soil under a small lamp. It was the only tree in all of Qraztok ( are city). It made her famous. I entered the hall. And walked into Arden's room. He was tied to a chair. "Hey Ilee." His voice held pain. Lots of pain. He had a bruise on his right cheek. It would mach up perfectly with his dads hand.
  5. When you were banished you were allowed to bring three things. Not weapons. Not water. Nothing to help you survive. But having something to keep you knowing who you are. Or who you were. So I asked "What are you bringing?" His face fell and if he had not been smiling in the first place he was deeply frowning. "I don't know yet. I kind of wanted to bring this. But I think it was meant for a girl. For You." He held up a bright Gold locket. It was moms. Inside were pictures of her with me and Adren. And he had held onto it for years. It was all he had left of her. Everything eles that she owned had been burned. Oh yeah that's another thing. When you get banished all of your stuff gets burned. But he had held onto this. " I cant take it. Its yours." He looked at me with sad eyes.
  6. That was as close to crying he could get. " Ilee. I don't want thieves to pick the locket off my dead body. Take it." He was one of the ones who thought there was a band of crooks outside the gates. "Ok . I will but...will you take this. For me?" It was a small ring. It was Mesa's. His older sister that had also been banished. She had gave me this. So I would not forget. But now I wanted to. " Ok I will take it." – END OF PART TWO.
  7. Ok firts of all: Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would like you to know that it ay take a bit for part three to be out but heres a sneak preview...
  8. " YOU CANT DO THAT" I screamed as they pushed me out the gates. Now I was banished to....
  9. Ok thats all you get to see....Now Did you like the story?
  10. Remember; I must have at least 7 stars and three comment asking me to put out part three before I send it out.

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