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  • 79%. In all honesty, this was what you think is beautiful and it can't determine someone's beauty. No quiz can. Everybody has true beauty that others admire and you can't measure it as a percentage. I think the more I see someone's personality, the less I judge them and they truly are stunning. There should be more personality/inner beauty quizzes. This just brings people down. I have no idea why I'm almost ranting but I know a lot of beautiful souls with self issues. Merry Christmas!

  • I did this for myself and got 50%. Pretty bad, right? Then I worked off pictures of Brad Pitt and filled everything out exactly according to how he looks. Guess what he scored? 27%. No joke. Come on guys, a quiz can't tell you how beautiful you are. Find someone who loves you and I'm sure they will tell you :)

  • Umm sorry but, this person is just trying to say you have to look a certain way to be pretty/handsome we all have flaws but that's what makes us special.

    Miss carrot
  • 54% Thanks, but I do have a healthy diet most of the time, and I jog three times a week, plus I'm naturally active. I'm, quite happy with my body, thank you.

  • Why do I even bother with these quizzes? Yes, thank you for basically calling me ugly. -.-

  • 57%

    That explains why when my family enters me into beauty contests (I don't like them, but family legacy thing), I always win first. -.-

  • 4%
    Dang, this quiz is accurate

    Ash Midnight
  • 32%. Meh, who cares?

  • this is stupid you cant tell me how i look

  • 46%
    dont know
    dont care
    dont you say
    this quiz is fair
    cuz doont know
    dont care
    loljk wut did i just say?


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