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  • Hard quiz but I have ADHD

    Oneonta Sep 24 '18, 6:12AM
  • .... how did you put a link in the text...?

    TheLoveOfBands Jan 14 '15, 4:34PM
  • I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and so has my now-adult son, but have avoided food additives for over 30 years, sugar of all kinds as well as processed foods. Both of us lead useful and productive lives.
    I think that medicating the problem is not the best answer, but dietary help is dismally absent in mainstream medicine, so there's little choice for those who aren't likely to explore any alternatives.

    LakelandLass Nov 17 '13, 11:51AM
  • I'm sorry but this is just wrong.. I have 1st hand experience with ADHD.. Meaning I have it.. But if asking a question about Ritalin doesn't have anything to do with it. It only works on some people.. Meaning their only choice is Conserta. Each pill has its side affects. But the best resaults is always with Conserta. Its not as easy as you say to get rid off. My creativity is still as it was before I started taking these pills. When doing something like this do research on both sides.

    CherryNya Apr 26 '13, 5:25PM
  • It was a good quiz......just on a weird topic. I guess it was okay.

    Flyer2473 Jul 10 '12, 1:44PM
  • IQ: 180.

    Autran Jul 11 '11, 10:16AM
  • The only ones that get hurt because of your lies are people who has ADHD. Trust me on this one. I have +7 years of first-hand experience on both parts and i would say that the biggest problem with you "Ant-medication" people is that 1st of all you think that you know best, no exceptions, and that you believe everything you read.

    MZF Mar 5 '11, 6:41PM
  • i am disapointed that such false statements like the ones in and around this quiz is allowed on an otherwise great website!

    MZF Mar 5 '11, 6:32PM
  • 0% XP

    Hunteriscool Jan 25 '11, 3:23PM
  • adhd...pht!

    willow XD Jan 11 '11, 6:35PM
  • I believe that ADHD is a myth.

    E Lunatic May 18 '10, 7:37PM

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