Test you knowledge about TAXONOMY!!!

General definition of taxonomy is "Taxonomy is the science of defining groups of biological organisms on the basis of shared characteristics and giving names to those group" Now its time to test your knowledge about Animal Taxonomy

This is a test of your knowledge about taxonomy. The test is mix of easier question and harder question. Most suitable for someone studying biology!!!

Created by: Neptune

  1. Which Phylum does a liver fluke belongs to
  2. Which of the following does NOT belongs to the Phylum Cnidaria
  3. Which of the following animals is NOT a marsupials
  4. Which of the following Arthropods belongs to the subphylum Chelicerata
  5. Which of the following snakes belongs to the family Columbridae
  6. Which of the following phyla does not belongs to the Superphylum Lophotrochozoa
  7. Which of the following is a general name for an animal that belongs to the family Ursidae
  8. Which of the following DOES NOT belongs to the family Hominidae
  9. Acoelomorpha is a....
  10. Which of the following is not a Phylum

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