Teh Rock Lee Quiz Test Thingy!!!

YO! You know Lee? Me too! This quiz will be super fun. Just answer some simple questions about this lovable anime character and see how much ya know!!! If you end up with a low score, don't worry. It will be ok. No apacolypses. Promise.

SO do you knows Lee? Go ahead, take teh quiz. I didn't make this so it could just sit there. TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT!!!!!! WOOHOO! Heh heh...Rock Lee.

Created by: Lillie
  1. In the Naruto manga, Lee calls himself:
  2. Who is Lee's rival?
  3. Okay heres a really super easy one. Who is Lee's crush?
  4. In what manga volume did Lee first appear in?
  5. Lee has fought all of the following except:
  6. In the Naruto anime, what does almost everyone call Lee?
  7. True or False: Masashi Kishimoto says it's not fun at all to draw Rock Lee.
  8. How many eye-lashes does Lee have? (altogether)
  9. In Naruto Shippuden, Is Lee a chunin or jonin?
  10. Okay, lastest question. In Naruto Shippuden, who does Lee fight FIRST?

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